The History of Computers

  • Charles Babbage

    Invented Analytical Enigines
    *Reffered to as Father of Computing
  • Period: to

    Computer History

  • Herman Hollerith

    Invented Hollerith Tabulating Machine
    *Born in Buffalo, NY
  • Z1 Computer

    First computer to include certain fentures interfral to todays system.
    *Made by Konrad Zuse
  • Eniac

    US Government machine used to calculate settings used for weapons
    *Could make 5,000 editions in seconds
  • First Generation Computers

    Last computer to use vaccum tubes
    *Translated 5,000 characters per second
  • Second Generation Computers

    More advanced computers, but still limited to how small they can be made
    *Still relied on punch cards
  • Univac

    First commerically successful Electronic Digital Computer
    *Built for both government and personal use
  • Jack Kilby

    Invented first intergrated circuit
    *American Electrical Engineer
  • Third Generation Computers

    Computers in early integrated circuit generation
    *All information was lost when powered off

    Revolutionized Software Industry
  • Bill Gates

    Wrote software for Microsoft
    *Was a college Dropout
  • Introduction of GUI

    This allowed users to interact with computer more easily
    *First created for macintosh
  • Fourth Generation Computers

    Uses Micropressor Chips
    *CPU was main part
  • Altair Computer

    First Personal Computer
    *Assembled price was $621.00
  • Steve Jobs

    Created Apple Computers and software
  • Apple II

    First PC to come with monitor, keyboard, etc to come all together
    *Assembled in Texas
  • WordStar

    First word processing application
    *Offered mail merge
  • Visicalc

    First electronic spreadsheet application
    *Still available as a free download
  • Osborne Computer

    First Portable Computer
    *Weighed nearly 24lbs
  • PageMaker

    First desktop publishing software
    *Aldus was company who made this
  • Excel

    One of the first spreadsheets to use graphical interface
  • Mosaic

    Allowes users to view multimedia on the web
    *First browser to display graphics and text
  • Netscape

    Predominant player in browser software
    *Profits doubled every quarter in 1995