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The History of Basketball

By McChome
  • The birth of basketball

    The birth of basketball
    James Naismith-creating basketballBasketball was created by Dr. James Naismith, because he wanted an activity indoors which the vigorous sport had his students shoot in a peach basket to score a point.
  • Rules of basketball

    Rules of basketball
    In 1892 the official rules of basketball were created. Some of theses rules include 5 players of a team on the court, 2 points if basket made, freethrow if fouled,and much more.
  • First College Game of Basketball

    First College Game of Basketball
    On January 18, 1896 the first game of college basketball was played. The game consisted of the University of Iowa and the University of Chicago. The score did not reach as high as games theses days. Chicago won 15 to 11 and won the first game of college basketball.
  • 1936 Summer Olympics

    1936 Summer Olympics
    Basketball became an official Olympic sport in 1936. This was the first year that it was played in the Olympics. The United States won the Gold medal in the 1936 Olympics.
  • The first NCAA men's basketball championship

    The first NCAA men's basketball championship
    The first NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament played in 1937, involved 8 schools, playing in single-elimination play to determine the national champion of men's NCAA Division I college basketball. Oregon, coached by Howard Hobson, won the national title with a 46-33 victory in the championship game over Ohio State, coached by Harold Olsen.
  • The NBA is Formed

    The NBA is Formed
    On August 3, 1949, the BAA (Basketball Association of America) and the NBL (National Basketball League) merged together to form the NBA (National Basketball Association).
  • The NBA is integrated

    The NBA is integrated
    This was when Earl Lloyd became the first black person to play a game in the NBA, though he wasn't the first to sign with a team
  • Christian Laettner's Game-Winning Shot

    Christian Laettner's Game-Winning Shot
    Christian Laettner StatsWith 2.1 seconds left, Grant Hill sent a long pass down court to Christian Laettner, who caught the ball, faded away, and made a buzzer beater that sent Duke to the championship.
  • The Flu Game

    The Flu Game
    Flu Game summaryIn Game 5 of the 1997 Championship, Michael Jordan was so sick the trainer didn't think he could play in the game the next day. However, he did play in the game despite being so sick with the stomach flu. He went on to score 38 points and help the Bulls win Game 5.