The growth of the thirteen colonies (gordon)

  • Period: to

    growth of the thirteen colinies

  • james town

    james town colinist help theair first house of burgessess mettings in 1619
  • roger willims

    roger williams was forced out of massachusetts in1635
  • fundamental oders

    fundamental oders the first written conastution
  • fundamental oders

    fundamental oders in 1639 maralond colinst were gurantied religous freedom
  • peter stuervist

    peter sturevest the govner of new amsterdam surrenderd the duch colony to englan in 1682
  • Albany plan of union

    Albany plan of union
    one goverment 11 american colines not a single plan they had but no collany was willing to give up.
  • seven years war

    seven years war
    after aranging an allince with prussia britan disclair
  • treaty of pairs

    fourced france to give up to canada and most of his lands
  • pro clamation

    pro clamation set the appolation mountons as the tempowary western boundary
  • potics war

    the war finnaly ended in augoust 1765
  • mayflower compackt

    mayflower compact the compact pleged their loyaltyto england