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The Great Depression of Australia Felix Franes

  • Post World War I

    Post World War I
    After WWI, Australia borrowed lots of money from the London money loan market.
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression of Australia

  • Wall St. Crash

    Wall St. Crash
    Due to financial problems since WWI, the New York stock exchange (the biggest stock exhange in the world) has crashed.
  • Govermant Spending Cuts

    Govermant Spending Cuts
    The Australian Government starts making cuts to jobs, tax changes etc. to find ways to repay loans, interest ect.
  • Australian Economy Suffers

    Australian Economy Suffers
    Australian Exports (Wool, Flour, Dairy etc.) fall in price by almost 50%.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Opens

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Opens
  • Unemployment at a High

    Unemployment at a High
    32% of the population were unemployed.
  • Economy Started to Recover

    Economy Started to Recover