the great depreshion in Australia Rupert Russell

  • post wwl

    after wwl Australia borrowed a large amount of money from the poms loan market to get the economy started
  • Period: to

    great depression

  • wall street crash

    America wasnt going well after the war so wall street crashed
    and lots of people lost money and shares
  • Gov spending cuts

    spending was cut to find ways to pay off loans and intrest
    witch ment jobs and people were sacked.
  • Australian economy strugls

    after the crash australia trade plumited 200 million roughly. at the time the economy was bilt on trades such as weat woll and dery and by 1931 there prices droped by 50%
  • the sydny harbor bridge

    this was a triumph in the eyes of the Aussies in the depression
    and made turisum
  • unimployment at a highpoint

    1 third of the working population is unimploid
  • starting to recover