The Flow of Reform

By DeMayaW
  • Transcendentalist

    They wanted to reform suffrage for women, better
    conditions for workers, temperance for all, the rise of free religion, and educational innovation,
  • Abolitionist

    The abolitionist wanted to be done with slavery. They began to show progress when they created newspapers like the Liberator and show how bad slavery was. They played a big part in the freeing of slaves
  • Temperance

    The temperance wanted to reform the laws of drinking. Men would come home drunk and beat there wives. The women wanted to get rid of alcohol.
  • Seneca Falls

    Seneca Falls
    This was a national conventon for women wanting to make a difference. They wanted to have sufferage for women and stop the drinking. Sufferage was the main goal.
  • Free Soils Party

    Free Soils Party
    The Free Soils party wanted to reform the idea of spreading slavery into the west. They believed you should not have owned slaves on free land. They were absorbed by the Republican PArty
  • Radical Republicans

    Radical Republicans
    The Radical Republicans believed in the abolishment of slavery and the that the rights of Freedmen in the South needed to be protected. They felt that there shouls have been no laws against the freeing of slaves. They later went on for labor reforms.
  • Labor Unions

    Labor Unions
    The American Federation of Labor was founded and one of the most known labor unions. They wanted to protect the rights of the workers. They protected the skilled and unskilled even though the pay was different. They wanted to reform the working conditions of the unioners.
  • Populist

    The Populist Party believed in the coinage of silver and issuance of large amounts of paper currency also the abolition of the national banking system they wanted the correct control over the railroads.
  • Progressives

    They wanted to improve the living conditions of the poor. They also wanted to close the gap during the Gilded Age. Also to improve the working coditions of the workers.