The Evolution of the Vacuum Cleaner

  • Period: Apr 6, 1000 to

    The Evolution of the Vacuum Cleaner

  • First Floor Cleaning Machine

    Some people believe that the first machine designed to clean floors was made in England. However, it is difficult to find evidence of this machine.
  • Ives McGaffey's Sweeping Machine

    In 1869, Ives McGaffey from Chicago, U.S.A. invented a sweeping machine. This did not have a motor. It swept up dirt but was difficult to use. The operator had to turn a handle while pushing it across the floor to make it work. This machine was called the Whirlwind. It was made from canvas and wood.
  • John Thurman's Door-to-Door Cleaning System

    In 1899, John Thurman from St Louis, U.S.A. began a door-to-door cleaning system. He invented a petrol powered vacuum cleaner. His machine blew dust into a container. He used horses to move his machine from house to house.
  • Hubert Booth's Sucking Machine

    After Thurman’s system, Hubert Booth from England invented the first machine that sucked dirt in 1901. His machine was also very large and needed horses to move it from house to house. It was powered by petrol. Long hoses were put through the windows of a house and the dirt was sucked through the hoses into the machine outside.
  • James Spangler's Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

    Following Thurman’s and Booth’s big machines, James Spangler from Ohio, U.S.A. invented the first vacuum cleaner that one person could hold and use easily. It was made from a wooden box, an old fan motor and a pillow case to catch the dust. He invented this in 1907. He invented it because the big machine he was using was making him cough too much.
  • William Hoover Buys Spangler's Ideas

    Then, Spangler sold his vacuum cleaner ideas to William Hoover. Spangler had many good ideas for vacuum cleaners but didn’t have money to make them. Hoover had money so he could make them. Hoover became very rich from selling these vacuum cleaners.
  • The First Disposable Filter Bag

    In 1920, the Air-way Sanitizor Company made the first throw away filter bag.
  • First Stand-up Vacuum Cleaner

    First Stand-up Vacuum Cleaner
    The first stand up vacuum cleaner was made in 1926 by William Hoover’s company.