18015 wallpaper

1991- Present Jessica Adame Sarah Watson Paola Ramirez

  • Digital Satelite Radio

  • Wifi Was invented

  • Period: to

    1991-Present Jessica Adame Sarah Watson Paola Ramirez

  • Smart pill was created

  • Global Positioning System

  • Mp3 Player was created

  • Blackberry Cell Phone Was Created

  • Google was created

  • Smart Car on sale !

  • Fluidsense infusion pump

  • FluidSense

    FluidSense infusion pump invented (automatic and standardized intravenous applicator).
  • Environmentally friendly transformer fluid

    Environmentally friendly transformer fluid from vegetable oils invented by T.V. Oommen.
  • Nuvaring Birt Control

  • iPod

  • AbioCor artificial heart

    AbioCor artificial heart invented by Abiomed - the Abiocor represents groundbreaking medical miniaturization technology. Nuvaring birth control invented by Organon.
  • Artificial liver

    Artificial liver invented by Dr. Kenneth Matsumura and Alin Foundation.
  • Elekta Axese started treating Cancer

  • September 11 Terrorist attack

    The world trade center was attacked by terrorist in new york city by two different planes.
  • Braille Glove

  • Solar Tower

  • Solar Tower invented

    by Jorg Schlaich
  • Human Genome was intodused

  • No Contact Jacket

  • Max The Robotic Cat

  • Ice Bike

    invented by Dan Hanebrink
  • Toyotas Hybrid Car invented

  • Infrared Fever Screening System

    •Infrared Fever Screening System used in public buildings to scan for people with a high temperature from a fever or sars invented by Singapore Technologies Electronics and the Singapore Defense Science and Technology Agency
  • Flower Sound

    plants that play music
  • Transiucent Concrete

  • Youtbe in the internet

  • Hurricane Katrina

  • Self-Help

    Stroke patients who have lost strength and sensation in one arm could get a boost from Realive, a robotic suit that uses the movement of the healthy limb to help rehabilitate the damaged one. When a patient bends the unaffected arm, sensors detect the activity and send signals to rubber muscles wrapped around the other limb, which then mimics the healthy arm's motions.
    invented by Panasonic
  • Alcohol Test

    Identifying drunk drivers could get a lot quicker and easier after a new infrared alcohol test--developed by an Albuquerque, N.M., start-up--is launched next year. Using the fact that body tissue with alcohol in it absorbs more light than normal tissue, the device detects alcohol
  • First iPhone was created

  • Hospital Helper

    Japan's Ri-Man is headed in the right direction. With sensors that enable it to see, smell and hear its environment, it also has some 320 pressure points on its arms and chest that allow it to sense the exact position of whatever it's holding. The bot can lift 80 lbs. today, but researchers hope to strengthen the motors in Ri-Man's arms without increasing their size, so they still resemble those of a man, not a monster
  • High Altitude Flying windmills

  • Bionic Contacts

  • Smog earing cement

  • Robot With Facial Expressions

    Robot shows facial expressions , the next generation of robots
  • The Peraves MonoTracer

    You really need the mind of a Swiss engineer to come up with a vehicle that combines the lithe maneuverability of a motorcycle with the not-getting-rained-on-ability of a conventional automobile. In addition to looking as though it just fell out of a time machine from a distant and much cooler future, the MonoTracer furnishes its driver (and one passenger) with such luxuries as air-conditioning and windshield wipers, plus the safety of a cockpit made from Kevlar and carbon fiber and reinforced
  • Enhanced Fingerprints

    English physicist John Bond developed a technique for analyzing fingerprints on a gun after it's been wiped clean. Sweat corrodes metal, so Bond applied an electrical charge and a fine carbon powder to a gun's corroded part, revealing a fingerprint pattern. Police are already using the four-month-old technology to reopen some cases.
  • The first minimally invasive heart massager

    the first minimally invasive heart massager. The device, which saved six lives during trials this year, enters the chest through a 1.5-inch incision and pumps the heart against the spinal column.
  • The Retail DNA Test

    a $399 saliva test that estimates your predisposition for more than 90 traits and conditions ranging from baldness to blindness.
  • Sixth Sense

    retinal implant for blind
  • Sunscreen for Plants

    Purshade, a new SPF-45 spray, forms a film of microscopic mirror-like prisms over growing fruits and veggies to reflect harmful UV rays while letting the good light pass through. Result: higher yields and better-quality food.
  • The world's first wearable defibrillator

    Since its FDA approval in January, the Lifecor LifeVest—the world's first wearable defibrillator—has saved four lives. Designed for patients at high risk for cardiac arrest, the vest detects abnormal heart rhythms by sensing electrical activity on the chest surface. It weighs 3 pounds, but a 1.7-pound version, awaiting approval, is expected soon.
  • Wireless Touch Mouse was created

  • Tsunami in Japan

  • Osama Bin Ladin Killed

    The Most wanted Terrorist that was wanted has was killed.
  • Worlds Smallest Ink Jet Printer