1876-1900 Maria,Chris,Miguel,Candy,Carlos

  • Chewing Gum

    Chewing Gum
    The chewing gum invention was actually a mistake , Thomas Adams was trying to make rubber but failed and he stuck it in his mouth after.
  • Metal Windmill

    Metal Windmill
    Anither source of energy . Metal blades spin and create energy.
    -J.S Risdon
  • Jeans

    Jeans were made for comfort. They were made from the same material we used today but they were sewed together by copper.
    -Levi Strauss
  • Telephone

    The first telephone was a large rectangluar box. It had an opening where the sound came out, in that same whole is where you could talk through.The telephone was Invented by Alexander Graham Bell
  • type writer

    type writer
    good invention witch lead to the printer years later
  • Refrigerator

    The first refrigerator was invented by Carl von Linde.Before this was invented people would gather bags of ice from pounds,lakes , and etc and put them in the cehouses and cellars. The refigerator was created by liquefying gases , in a rectangle box.
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    1876-1900 Chris, Maria, Miguel, Candy

  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire
    This was just wire twisted . This was created for cattle to saty in place.
  • Moving Pictures

    Moving Pictures
    The first Motion picture was actually taken with 24 cameras. They were all equal distance from each other to get every angle.Then they were put together creating whats know as motion picture .Invented by Eadweard Muybridge
  • Lightbulb

    Thomas Alva Edison tried a numerous of different filament. He came to the concluion that the way the glow would last was if the filament had carbon and was oxygen free.
  • Toilet paper

    Toilet  paper
    the toliet paper was made to clean after the restroom
    -inventor british paper company
  • Metal Detector

    Metal Detector
    the metal detector came from the was made by two coils of insulated wire, a battery, a circuit breaker,Invented by Alexander Graham Bell
  • Christmas Lights

    Christmas Lights
    People have always had light on there trees since the 1700 .They used candles and pined them to there trees. Until thenew christmas lights were invented by Edward Johnson. The new design was hand wired strings that needed to be connected like a necklace.
  • Cash Register

    Cash Register
    the invention of the cash register helped prevent theifs from stealing money .It was a large , heavy box that had huge circles .It also had paper to see the number of sells they've made.
  • Halftone Printing Process

    Halftone Printing Process
    Halftone Printing Process is large and small dots that are in today's newspapers and comic books. Invented by Fredric Eugene Ives
  • Rabies Vaccine

    Rabies Vaccine
    The first vaccine against rabies (by Louis Pasteur).He found the discovery by heating wine, beer, milk, or vinegar .
  • First gas powerd motorcycle

    First gas powerd motorcycle
    This Motorcycle was a simple model , It was a woden Bike attached to an engine
    -inventor gottlib dobbs
  • Machine gun

    Machine gun
    inventor--harim maxim
  • Coca Cola

    Coca Cola
    Coca cola was invented by a pharmacist . It was Basically concentrate water and syrup. Invented John Remberton
  • Transformer

    A transformer is a machine that moves electerical energy threw one circuit to another .This was invented by William Stanley
  • First dishwasher

    First dishwasher
    inventor--joseph cochren
  • Contact Lense

    Contact Lense
    The contact Lense was invented to better a person vision . The contact lense was made of glass.
    -F.E Muller
  • Teleautograph

    This was bacially the telephone but made differently. THe differnece eas that the machine made a noise and the machine would convert it into a human voice . it was invented by Elisha Gray
  • Drinking Straw

    Drinking Straw
    THe drinking straw was made by Marvin Stone .He basically just wrapped paper around a pencil and glued them together.
  • Automobile

    The automobile was invented by a German man and was invented because he thought it was time for the era .Invented by Karl Benz
  • Cordite

    this was smokeless explosion .Made From nitrocellulose, nitroglycerin, and petrolatum.
    -invented by Fabel and J Dewer
  • Diesel Engine

    Diesel Engine
    The Diesel Engine is mostly used in submarines, ships, locomotives, and large trucks and in electric generating plants.
    -Invented by Rudolf Diesel
  • Rayon

    it was the first artifically fiber. Invented in France
  • Electromagnetic Theory of Light

    Electromagnetic Theory of Light
    The Electromagnetic Theory of Light electricity can be transmitted in electromagnetic wave invented by Heinrich Hertz
  • Escalator

    The escalator is basically moving stairs.
    -Invented by Jesse W. Reno
  • Roller Coaster.

    Roller Coaster.
    It was made from a block of ice
    -invented by Edwin Prescott
  • Tractor

    Tractor were invented to make farm life easier .
    -invented by John Froehlich
  • Air Brakes

     Air Brakes
    Breaks that presses air out.Used on many big automobiles.
    - George Westinghouse.
  • Vacuum Flask

    Vacuum Flask
    Used to keep hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold.
    -James Dewar
  • Zipper

    invenor--w.l. judson
  • Paper Clip

    Paper Clip
    The first time the paperclip was made it was called the "Konaclip". It just a rectangle wire bent.
  • Safety Razor

    Safety Razor
    The first light weight razor was made by King Gillette . He made this by sharping a small square sheet.
  • First Portable Camera

    First Portable Camera
    First camera f ilm processing. It was called Cinematograph.
    -Lumiere Brothers
  • Asprin

    used to help pains , such as headaces or Migraine , fever.
    -Felix Hoffman
  • Oscilliscope

    The Oscilliscope was invented . It make electricity into light.
    -invented by Karl Braun
  • Radio

    The first radio signal was introduce , it was the letter "S" and was sent all the way across the England Channel.
    -invented by Guglielmo Gray
  • Zeppelin

    This was the first movable ballon.Some zeppelin were used for bombs.