When Did Technology Start?

By Katie23
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  • Apple IPOD 1st Generation

    Apple IPOD 1st Generation
    The Apple IPOD was first invented in October 2001, it was created with 1,000 songs already uploaded. From then they have created different and more Ipod's that have more songs and accesible items to discover.
  • Microsoft Computers

    Microsoft Computers
    The Microsoft Computers were first invented in April 4, 1975, it was created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen; It domianted the personal computer. The Microsoft Computer was soon founded before the Microsoft Windows.
  • IBM 650

    IBM 650
    The IBM 650 was invented in the 1953's, the computer was the first general-purpose computer that was used by Columbia University. It was invented by IBM the company.
  • IPhones

    The Iphones was invented in June 29, 2007, it was invented by 25 different people, some of the people are Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, Jeffery Bush and many more. The IPhone was invented because the IPhone team wanted to create something natural, and intuitive.
  • MP3 Players

    MP3 Players
    The first MP3 Player was invented in the 1997's, the MP3 Player evolution started in Germany in 1987. It was created by the German Company Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, they coded music with the high-quality and low bit rate sampling; now you can find any MP3 Players anywhere in stores.
  • Record Player

    Record Player
    The Record Player was invented in the 1877's, it was invented by three different people; Thomas Edison, Eldridge J. Johnson, Emile Berliner. The first Record Player was created to record sounds from things, and to play back the sounds.
  • Diamond RIO PMP300

    Diamond RIO PMP300
    The first Diamond RIO PMP300 was invented in the 1998, the first ever one was created to look like a deck of cards that are lined up together. It was also shipped with at least 32 MB of internal storage to store items like pictures or messages, the phone looked like a circular pad and also controls to control music.
  • PC Computer

    PC Computer
    The PC Computer was invented in the 1971's, it wsa invented by John Blankenbake. It was created because it was worth a lot of money, it was about $5,000 dollars; it nearly took 2,00 square feet of space.
  • The Hansen Writing Ball

    The Hansen Writing Ball
    The Hansen Writing Ball was invented in the 1870's, it was invented by Rasmus Malling-Hansen; the Hansen Writing Ball consists of semi-sphere shape and radical pistons. When Rasmus died in 1890 at the age of 55, the order of 100 Hansen Writing Balls were cancelled and never seen the Hansen Writing Ball ever again.
  • Mouses

    The mouse was invented in the 1964, it was invented by Douglas Engelbart; he also had a partner help him create the mouse his name is Bill English. The mouse was soon patented on November 17,1970, today the mouse is found and used on every computer in the world. The mouse was first used on a Xerox Alto computer.
  • Keyboards

    The very first keyboard was invented in 1868, the first keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes; the first keyboard was first adapted from the punch card, the keyboards had been based on teletype machines or keypunches.
  • CD's

    The first CD was invented in August 17, 1982, it was invented by James Russell; changed from a CD to a CD that makes sounds, the first CD created was ABBA's The Visitors Album. Today the CD is 30 years old, the CD was created about or almost 100 years after the phonograph.
  • The Hall Typewriter

    The Hall Typewriter
    This the Hall Typewriter, it was created in 1881, it was invented by Thomas Hall, the very first Hall Typewriter was invented in Brooklyn, New York. The Hall Typewriter had many accessories to it, attached a secondary to place plates and all that on it. The Hall Typewriter ended in 1898.
  • John Pratt's Pterotype

    John Pratt's Pterotype
    John Pratt's Pterotype was invented in the 1867's, it was invented by John Pratt himself. He invented the typewriter because since the eruption of the Civil War made it impossible for him and others to recieve finacing. Since then he moved to England in 1867 to secure a patent for his machine.
  • The Calligraph 2

    The Calligraph 2
    The Calligraph 2 was a typewriter that was invented in the 1882's, it was the second most lightweight after the Sholes and Glidden. It also had a double size keyboard that made it easier to type with, it had two differetn spaces for the upper-case letters and the lower-case letters.
  • Sholes and Glidden

    Sholes and Glidden
    The Sholes and Glidden was invented in 1876, it was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes, he also had a partner who helped him, his name is Charles S. Glidden that is why they named it the Sholes and Glidden. They created the Sholes and Glidden because they would print page numbers to put in books and serial numbers on tickets, etc.