History of Technology 1958-Today

  • Microwave Oven

    Microwave Oven
    Percy Spencer is inspired by the idea in 1945 but doesn't patent it until 1955. In that year the Tappan Stove Co produces the first home micriwave.
  • Silicon chip

    Silicon chip
    The first integrated circuit, or silicon chip, is produced by the US Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce
  • Laser

    invented by Theodore Harold Maiman
  • Uri Gagarin

    Uri Gagarin
    First man in Space! Russia won the race to space.
  • Soft contact lenses

    Soft contact lenses
    Kevin Tuohy invented soft plastic lens
  • The computer mouse

    The computer mouse
    The computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1968.
  • Apollo 11 lands on the moon

    Apollo 11 lands on the moon
    The United States wins the race to the moon and shocks the world in the aerospace technology industry
  • Floppy disk invented

    Floppy disk invented
    The floppy disk invented by Alan Shugart
  • VCR

    released in 1971 to watch movies on or even tape your favoirte movies.
  • First video game Pong invented

    First video game Pong invented
    Pong first video game invented by Nolan Bushnell
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle

    first plane without a pilot
  • The laser printer invented.

    The laser printer invented.
    The laser printer was invented in 1975
  • cell phones invented

    cell phones invented
  • The hepatitis-B vaccine invented.

    The hepatitis-B vaccine invented in 1980
  • The scanning tunneling microscope

    The scanning tunneling microscope invented by Gerd Karl Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer.
  • The Apple Lisa

    The Apple Lisa invented 1983
  • The CD-ROM was invented

    The CD-ROM was invented in 1984
  • Windows program invented by Microsoft.

    Windows was invented by Microsoft in 1965
  • Disposable Camera

    Disposable Camera
    The disposable camera is a camera that you can have your photos printed out while turning the camera away after you finish.
  • Microsoft releases windows 2.0

     Microsoft releases windows 2.0
    On December 9, 1987 Microsoft releases Windows 2.0 with desktop icons and expanded memory With improved graphics support, you can now overlap windows, control the screen layout, and use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work.
  • High-definition television invented.

    High-definition television invented in 1989
  • Digital answering machine

    The digital answering machine was invented in 1991
  • Pentium Processor Invented

    Following Intel's previous series', the company's first P5-based microprocessor was released as the original Intel Pentium on March 22, 1993. Marketing firm Lexicon Branding was hired to coin a name for the new processor. The suffix -ium was chosen as it could connote a fundamental ingredient of a computer, like a chemical element, while the prefix pent- could refer to the fifth generation of x86. The Pentium brand would continue through 2009.
  • Java Programming Language

    Java Programming Language
    Prior to the invention of Java programming language, C and C++ were the only popular languages used by coders and software developers. Java made it easy for programmers to code because it was class-based, concurrent and an object-oriented language that had very few implementation dependencies compared to existing languages.
  • Apple Inc.'s iMac

    Apple Inc.'s iMac
    iMac was launched in 1998 and today it has become one of the most popular desktop computers in the world. The iMac was projected as an "out of the box" computer experience, and it actually became one because of its unique design and cool looks.
  • Google

    Arguably the biggest invention of all times, Google happened in 1998. It started as a research project by two PhD scholars at Stanford University in 1996. The Google Story
  • First Blackberry

    First Blackberry
    The first BlackBerry mobile device was launched in 1999. Four years later, the BlackBerry smartphone was launched in Germany. BlackBerry ruled the business smart phone market for quite some time until Google and Apple stepped up.
  • Wifi

    The term Wi-Fi, first used commercially in August 1999, was coined by a brand-consulting firm called Interbrand Corporation. The Wi-Fi Alliance had hired Interbrand to determine a name that was "a little catchier than 'IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence'".
    The Wi-Fi Alliance initially used the advertising slogan, "The Standard for Wireless Fidelity",
  • Human Genome Project Results

    Human Genome Project Results
    The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international scientific research project with a primary goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, and of identifying and mapping the approximately 20,000–25,000 genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. A complete draft was released in 2003, with further, more detailed analysis still being published.
  • Facebook Launched

    Facebook Launched
    The History of FacebookAs of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users, More than half of whom use Facebook on a mobile device. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.
  • First Iphone

    First Iphone
    (iphone 5 pictured)
    Iphone History
  • First Android Phone Sold

    First Android Phone Sold
    Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Initially developed by Android, Inc., which Google backed financially and later bought in 2005, Android was unveiled in 2007 along with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance: a consortium of hardware, software, and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices. The first Android-powered phone was sold in October 2008.
  • Facebook Phone

    Facebook Phone
    First social network to come out with a phone.