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Gas Stove Timeline

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    Gas Stove Timeline

  • First Cast Iron Stoves or Jamb Stoves

    These stoves were made circa 1728 by multiple German designers.
  • Invention of the Castrol Stove

    The Castrol stove (aka stew stove) was invented by an architect named François Cuvilliés. The design completely contained the fire and had 3-4 openings with iron plates covering them
  • Franklin Stove

    Benjamin Franklin invented the first metal lined fireplace to heat peoples houses sometime in 1741. It was intended to produce more heat and less smoke to heat peoples houses. It was known as the "Franklin Stove" or "circulating stove".
  • Circa 1800 Benjamin Thompson invented a working iron kitchen stove

    The "Rumford stove" was designed for very large working kitchens. It had one fire source that had many cooking pots, and each cooking pots temperature could be regulated.
  • Jordan Motts Coal Burning Stove

    He created the first practical coal burning stove. It was named the "baseburner". It was the first practical coal burning stove because he made it ventilated which helped burn the coal effeciently. It was a small cylindrical stove with a hole on the top and a metal ring.
  • Stewart's Oberlin iron stove

    Stewart designed a very compact and effecient cast iron stove.
  • James Sharp invented the first patented gas stove

    This was the first time anyone had seen a successful gas stove put out on the market. It was invented in Northampton, England. He then began producing the stoves out of a factory and they were put on display at the World Fair of 1851 in England
  • Thomas Ahearn Electric Stove

    Some people credit him with inventing the first electric stove. Him and his partner Warren Soper owned their own company and invented the stove, but it was only put into service at the Windsore Hotel of Ottawa
  • Carpenter Electric Heating Manufacturing Co. invented the first electric stove

    They came out with the first idea to make an electric stove. But did not start manufacturing it.
  • Frans Wilhelm Lidqvist designed the first sootless kerosene stove.

    The new stove would vaporize kerosene making a smokeless, sootless, hot flame. The design was created earlier than 1892 but started being manufactured in 1892 under the company Primus. By 1910 there were five hundred thousand stoves being produced daily
  • Electric stove exhibited

    An electric stove was exhibited at the Chicago World Fair. This was one of the first times an electric stove was seen in America.
  • William Hadaway gets the first patent on an electric stove

    He was the first person to get a patent on an electric stove and later on invented the first electric toaster in 1910 which was a horizontal combination toaster-cooker. Westinghouse started manufacturing it.
  • Enamel coatings on gas stoves.

    The enamel coating started being made inside gas stoves which made them alot easier to clean. Also around this time more houses had the ability to have gas lines hooked up to their houses, causing production of gas stoves to go up.
  • Gustaf Dalen invents the AGA cooker

    AGA was the first company to mass produce gas stoves and mass produce lighthouses.
  • Rise of electric stoves

    During this time houses started getting hooked up to electricity which helped the production of electric stoves. They were also easier to clean, cheaper, and easier to use than gas stoves.
  • Dr. Percy Spencer spawns the idea for microwaves.

    He came up with the idea during a radar - related project with the Raytheon Corporation.
  • Dr. Percy Spencer invents the "speedy weenie"

    During the spring of 1946 Dr. Spencer and his associate secretly worked on a project called the "speedy weenie".
  • First counter top microwave ovens are made

    It was a 100 watt microwave and was priced at 500 dollars. More affordable, safer, cheaper, and more reliable than previous models.
  • Glass-ceramic topwear

    Glass ceramic has very low heat conduction coeffecient but lets infrared heat pass very well, which made it more effecient than the enamel stoves before it.
  • Microwave ovens in houses exceeds gas ranges.

    The U.S. percentage of microwave ovens goes from 4% to 17% on this year. By the next year 52 million Americans have microwave ovens.