1971-1980 Aaron, derek, collin, austen, andre

  • Floppy disk introduced

    The floppy disk was introduced. these were used before compact disks. they were used to store information like like usb drives. it was invented by a team of ibm members led by alan shugart.
  • jumbo jet

    The jet was ready before the engine , the egine wasn’t ready until this year, the first l flight took place in this year.
  • Lead Free Petrol -Eugene Houdry

    This French engineer (mechanical) discovered the method of catalytic cracking in fuel. It took him a while to figure it out but then he finally got it, he also had to dig deep down to get the oil.
  • DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) --- Intel

    Within 2 years, this semiconducting memory chip had become a bestselling product and it made intel very rich.
  • The Food Processor

    1971- The food processor was invented by Robert Coupes. It was used to process food
  • the vcr

    the vcr was introduced. it was invented by sony and stands for video casette recorder. it can be record and playback content.
  • The Dot Matrix Printer

    1971- The dot-matrix printer was invented by researchers at Centronics. It formed imagines from thousands of tiny dots.
  • Microprocessors ----Intel, Texas Instruments

    The major component of all the CPUs in computers. This makes a lot of things faster, which made people more happy becuase computers were really slow
  • Floppy Disk --David Noble (IBM)

    It is a medium to store data, used in computers. It has a thin magnetic tape disk, which is enclosed in a plastic cover.
  • arnold schwarzenegger wins mr olypiam

  • Pocket Calculators --- Sharp Corporation

    These calulators were easy to carry around and made it easier for schools because now kids can carry it to classes.
  • CAT scan

    computerized axial tomography or CAT scanning was introduced into the medical world. it uses a computer to make 3d images of the brain out of multiple x-rays
  • The Word Processor

    1972- The word processor invented was invented by researchers at IBM
  • email

    ray tomlinson invented email. It stands for elecrtronic mail and is used on the internet. email makes the corparate world run today.
  • arnold schwarzenegger wins mr olypiam

  • Video Games ---- Nolan Bushnell

    PSP bows down to thee! They were amazed when they made it and they new this would be the greatest invention for kids
  • Peter Powell Stunt Kite --- Peter Powell

    A steerable kite, using glass fiber spars. , which makes it easier to control
  • Hacky Sack

    1972- Hacky Sack invented by John Stalberger and Mike Marshall
  • The Ethernet

    1973- The ethernet (local computer network) invented by Robert Metcalfe.
  • Honkeytonk heroes

    1973- Waylon Jennings released his Honky-tonk Heroes
  • Gene Splicing Invented

    1973- Gene splicing invented. 12 Feb 1973. this is the direct human manipulation of an organism's genome using modern DNA technology. It involves the introduction of foreign DNA or synthetic genes into the organism of interest
  • Genetic Engineering

    this is the direct human manipulation of an organism's genome using modern DNA technology. It involves the introduction of foreign DNA or synthetic genes into the organism of interest.
  • Invention of the Barcode

    1973- 20 Apr 1973. The invention of the barcode. It is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows data about the object to which it attaches. Originally barcodes represented data by varying the widths and spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as one-dimensional. Later they evolved into rectangles, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns in two dimensions. Can be read by a bar code scanner.
  • Shrinky Dinks

    Shrinky Dinks (1973) - Shrinky Dinks, are a children's toy/activity kit consisting of large flexible sheets which, when heated in an oven, shrink to small hard plates without altering their color or shape. They were invented by Betty Morris, and first manufactured my famous toy company Milton Bradley.
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  • the cellphone

    the cell phone was invented by martin cooper. it was a hand held cellular which was portable. it was a huge achievement.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms --- Herbert Boyer & Stanley Cohen

    Basically it is genetic engineering, using DNA to create another of the same thing. Like if they were to take my DNA then they could make another one of me basically a twin that you couldn’t tell apart from me.
  • U.s legalizes abortion

    The u.s legalized abortions. It was used to kill the fertilized eggs before the baby starts to develop.
  • BIC

    1973- The disposable lighter was invented by bic. 25 Oct 1973. In 1973, Time reported that BIC was test marketing a disposable lighter that could provide 3,000 lights before wearing out. BIC introduced this lighter in 1973.
  • push tab on soda can

    opens a soda can
  • Richard Nixon

    the president of the untied states Richard nixon resigned from the presidency. he resigned behind problems of the Water Gate scandal.
  • arnold schwarzenegger wins mr olypiam

  • Rubik’s Cube (1974)

    Rubik’s Cube (1974) - The Rubik's Cube is a mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian Sculptor, and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Originally named the “magic cube”, it was later changed to “Rubik’s cube”, by company Ideal Toy’s, to make it more appealing to the public.
  • Rubik's cube --- Ernő Rubik

    A professor who is also a architecture from Hungary won the German Game of the Year in the Best Puzzle category, in 1974, for this hard to figure out puzzle toy.
  • post it note

    In 1974, Art Fry came up with the idea of using an adhesive to anchor his bookmark in his book. Fry then developed the idea by taking advantage of 3M's officially sanctioned "permitted bootlegging" policy. From there on Post-it-notes have been used all around the world.
  • Wanted! The Outlaws

    1975- Willie Nelson teamed up with Waylon Jennings to record a famous outlaw country album. Wanted! The outlaws.
  • Microsoft

    microsoft was founded. at first it was called basic but later sold and changed to microsoft . This also helps major corparete businesses run. It was invented by henry bill gates III
  • Laser Printer (1975)

    Laser Printer (1975) – The Laser Printer was invented in 1975 by the scientist Gary Starkweather. It was built at Xerox, and was perfectly completed by the next year. This invention is still being widely used today.
  • arnold schwarzenegger wins mr olypiam

  • altair

    altair was the first personal home computer. it was made aroudn the same time microsoft was invented. the altair was invented by dr. H Edward Roberts.
  • the ink jet printer

  • Hotel California

    1976- The Eagles released their hit song “Hotel California”.
  • Ink-Jet Printer (1976)

    Ink-Jet Printer (1976) – Ink-Jet printers were first invented in 1976, by Siemens. Although it was an invention ahead of its time, it was shadowed by the Laser Printer. Because of this, it was not fully recognized until the 1980’s.
  • Ebola virus

    Ebola virus outbreak began in the countries of zaire and sudan. the very first case was in july of of 1976 and spread from a factory worker who got sick.
  • star wars

    The first star wars movie was released, it was a sci fi movie writen by george lucas.
  • Personal Stereo ( 1977)

    Personal Stereo ( 1977) – The Personal stereo was created by famous inventor Andreas Pavel in 1977. Ironically enough, the inventor was German, and the Americans later on re-made it to create what is know was the “Walkman”.
  • smokey and the bandit

  • Elvis found dead

    Elvis Presley was found dead. He was discovered dead on August 5th, 1977 in his upstairs bathroom, in his Memphis home,.
  • Cell Phones ( 1977)

    Cell Phones ( 1977) – The first cell phone was created in the Bell Labs in the united states. It was the first of many innovative inventions in the cellular radio communication concept. Although it was not used by most people back then, it is now one of the most important inventions used today. Almost everyone has their own cell phone nowadays
  • MRI machine

    1977- 25 Dec 1977. An MRI machine uses a powerful magnetic field to align the magnetization of some atomic nuclei in the body, and radio frequency fields to systematically alter the alignment of this magnetization. This causes the nuclei to produce a rotating magnetic field detectable by the scanner.
  • Simon Says (1978)

    Simon Says (1978) – Simon is an electronic game of rhythm and memory skill invented by Ralph H. Baer, and Howard J. Morrison. The game has four large buttons, one of each of the colors red, blue, green, and yellow. The game lights these buttons in a specific sequence, playing a tone for each button. The player must then press the buttons in the same sequence in order to win.
  • Ultra-Sound (1978)

    Ultra Sound was introduced into the medical world. It uses projectiles to produce live images that resemble an X-ray.
  • cell phones

    mobile phone to call people
  • 1979- The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Charlie Daniel's Band)

  • Sony Walkman (1979)

    Sony Walkman (1979) - The original blue and silver Walkman model TPS-L2 went on sale in Japan on July 1, 1979. It is the only auto-reverse Walkman in history to use a two motor, quartz locked, disc drive system similar to high-end home cassette decks, to ensure accurate tape speed for both sides of playback. It was invented by the researchers at Sony.
  • Cray supercomputer ---Seymour Cray

    The first supercomputer to be invented. Supercomputers are used for airplane safety, weather prediction, and what you see on the weather channel to show the how the weather is, is a super