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  • BOOM! Dynamite!

    BOOM! Dynamite!
    Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, a mixture of nitroglycerine and silica, in 1866, and it was patented in 1867.
  • First Telephone

    First Telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell was testing a new telegraph device when he heard it emit a twang- this is when he thought that maybe his device could transmit a human voice. He decided to speak into the device. He said "Mr.Watson," [his assistant] "come here- I want to see you." Then Watson, who was working on the floor above him, came rushing down the steps and delightfully said "I heard and understood what you said!"
  • First Electric Elevator

    First Electric Elevator
    German inventor Werner von Siemens was the first to build an electrically-powered elevator in 1880, but African American inventor Alexander Miles was the first to patent the electric elevator in 1887.
  • First Electric Christmas Lights

    First Electric Christmas Lights
    Edward Johnson, one of Thomas Edison's muckers, invented and was the first to use a string of colored christmas lights.
  • Coca Cola

    Coca Cola
    Dr. John S. Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmasist, made a flavored syrup that, when mixed with carbonated water, he, as well as many others, thought was delicious.
  • Corn Flakes

    Corn Flakes
    John Harvey Kellogg had left cooked wheat out too long, rendering it stale. But he decided to roll and process the wheat anyways, resulting in flakes that he then toasted and served to his friends.
  • Diesel Engine

    Diesel Engine
    Rudolph Diesel invented the first Diesel Engine, a type of engine with a higher compression ratio, and therefore no need for sparkplugs.
  • First Commercial Escalator

    First Commercial Escalator
    Charles Seeburger re-design what once was an amusement park attraction into an industrial people-mover. He named it the "Escalator" using the words "scala", which is Latin for "steps" and "elevator", which had already been invented.
  • First Fluorescent Bulb

    First Fluorescent Bulb
    Peter Cooper Hewitt invented the Mercury Vapor Lamp, a new type of lamp that sent an electrical charge through a gas instead of using a filament.
  • First Motorized Vacuum Cleaner

    First Motorized Vacuum Cleaner
    Hubert Cecil Booth of England invented and was the first to produce a motorized vacuum cleaner.
  • Popsicle

    11-year-old Frank Epperson left powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick in a cup out one night, and to his surprise the next morning, he found that his accident had created a delicious frozen treat!
  • FIrst Helicopter

    FIrst Helicopter
    Paul Cornu invented the first flying helicopter. The Cornu Helicopter (often called the Cornucopter) . It had two 20-foot counter-rotaing rotors powered by a 24 horsepower Antoinette engine. It hovered one foot off the ground for twenty seconds, but it's successful design was soon dismissed because it had no way to be steered.
  • Life Savers Candy

    Life Savers Candy
    Clarence Crane, a chocolate manufacturer, invented Life Savers as a "summer candy", because unlike cocolate, they didn't melt in the summer heat. The first flavor was "Pep-O-Mint".
  • First Electric Traffic Light

    First Electric Traffic Light
    Lester Wire invented the first electric traffic light, which had only red and green lights, in 1912 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • First Internal Combustion V8 Engine

    Cadillac was the first automibile manufacturer to produce an 8-cylinder engine. Introduced in 1914, their 314 cubic inch, 70 horsepower V8 was a revultion in power and size. The engine had a 90 degree offset between each pair of cylinders, and was water cooled. Although by today's standards 70 horsepower is not at all powerful, in the world where most other automobiles had less than 12 horsepower, this engine was considered top of the line.
  • New Make of Automobile!

    New Make of Automobile!
    In 1914, 146 new makes (brands) of automobiles went into production, and of those 146 makes, only one of those brands still exits today as an auto manufacturer: Dodge. After supplying Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company with engines and assemblies for many years, John and Horace Dodge decided to start producing their own automobiles. Their first vehicle was a car designed to seat 4 comfortably; the 1914 Dodge Tourer.
  • First Electric Internal Comustion engine Starter (Ignition)

    First Electric Internal Comustion engine Starter (Ignition)
    Charles Kettering invented the first "Electric Self-Starter" Ignition for Cadillac in 1915.
  • Sub-Machine Gun (Semi-Auto)

    Sub-Machine Gun (Semi-Auto)
    John T. Thompson invented the first semi-automatic gun in 1919.