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Technological Advancements in Household Management

  • First Air Conditioner

    First Air Conditioner
    Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner in 1902 after realizing that he could control humidity with his invention. This would, in turn, help out the economy in many ways.
  • First Light Weight Electric Iron

    First Light Weight Electric Iron
    Earl Richardson of Ontario, California, introduces the lightweight electric iron.
  • First Domestic Vacuum Cleaner

    First Domestic Vacuum Cleaner
    James Spangler, a janitor at an Ohio department store who suffered from asthma, invented his "electric suction-sweeper," the first practical domestic vacuum cleaner.
  • First Kitchen Aid Mixer

    First Kitchen Aid Mixer
    In 1908 Herbert Johnson, an engineer for the Hobart Manufacturing Company, invents an electric standing mixer. His inspiration came from observing a baker mixing bread dough with a metal spoon.
  • First Electric Toaster

    First Electric Toaster
    Frank Shailor of General Electric files a patent application for the D-12, the first commercially successful electric toaster. The D-12 has a single heating element and no exterior casing. It has no working parts, no controls, and no sensors; a slice of bread must be turned by hand to toast on both sides.
  • First Shopping Bag

    First Shopping Bag
    Walter Duebner invented the shopping bag, a prefabricated package, inexpensive, easy to use-and strong enough to carry up to seventy-five pounds worth of groceries, in 1912.
  • First Electric Dishwasher

    First Electric Dishwasher
    The Walker brothers of Philadelphia produce the first electric dishwasher to go on the market, with full-scale commercialization by Hotpoint and others in 1930.
  • First Refrigerator (Home-Use)

    First Refrigerator (Home-Use)
    Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana, invents the first refrigerator for home use, a small unit mounted on top of an old-fashioned icebox and requiring external plumbing connections
  • First Automatic Pop-Up Toaster

    First Automatic Pop-Up Toaster
    Charles Strite’s first automatic pop-up toaster uses a clockwork mechanism to time the toasting process, shut off the heating element when the bread is done, and release the slice with a pop-up spring.
  • First Garbage Disposal

    First Garbage Disposal
    Nicknamed the "electric pig" when first introduced by the Emerson Electric Company, the appliance operates on the principle of centrifugal force to pulverize food waste against a stationary grind ring so it would easily flush down the drain.
  • First Color Television

    First Color Television
    Peter Goldmark and a team of CBS researchers invented the first mechanical color television system in 1940.
  • First Top-Loading Washer

    First Top-Loading Washer
    The Nineteen Hundred Corporation introduces the first top-loading automatic washer, which Sears markets under the Kenmore label, that cleans close with less soap and water than was usual at the time.
  • First Credit Card

    First Credit Card
    Ralph Schneifer created the first credit card in 1950. In households, credit cards are very important because it allows families to buy new items before they have the actual money to do so, and eventually pay back their debt.
  • Super Glue Invented

    Super Glue Invented
    Super Glue was invented by accident in 1942, but was rediscovered in 1951 as a way to glue prisms together for jet airplanes. Super Glue is a huge household item as a quick drying fix for broken objects.
  • First Automatic Coffeepot

    First Automatic Coffeepot
    The percolator regulates the strength of the coffee according to taste and has a green warning light and bimetallic strip that automatically cuts out when the coffee is perked.
  • Saran Wrap Invented

    Saran Wrap Invented
    Saran Wrap was created to keep food longer without having to use Tupperware. It is used to cover dishes that sit out for a while to keep flies away as well.
  • First Nonstick Pan

    First Nonstick Pan
    Marc Gregoire and wife Colette developed a way to coat pans with Teflon so that food will not burn to the pan making it "nonstick" and easy clean up.
  • First Barbie Doll

    First Barbie Doll
    The first Barbie doll was created in March of 1959. Although it may not be a vital part of the household, it was a huge step for girls toys and that can affect the household.
  • Audio Cassette Invented

    Audio Cassette Invented
    Cassettes store the sound on a magnetic tape that is wound around the two reels in the cassette. The standard audio cassette was invented in 1962 by the Philips company.
  • First Self-Cleaning Oven

    First Self-Cleaning Oven
    General Electric introduces the self-cleaning electric oven, which would clean itself, leaving less work for the household.
  • VCR Invented

    VCR Invented
    The video cassette was invented in 1971. This helped households because they could watchi home movies or actual movies in the comfort of their own homes.
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    With the invention of the cell phone, it gave households a wider sense of freedom. They could bring the phone with them on the go and still be able to answer it if they need to take an important phone call.
  • MS-DOS Invented

    MS-DOS Invented
    Microsoft was invented in 1981. This helped households because the computer has become an integral part of home lives. Without the computer, there are many things that would not be possible.
  • CD-ROM Invented

    CD-ROM Invented
    The first CD-ROM was invented in 1984. It advanced household management because files could be stored on CD's instead of standard files.
  • Windows Program Invented

    Windows Program Invented
    Windows program was created by Microsoft in 1985. This program made it easier for families to use computers and was the start to getting computers into family homes.
  • First Disposable Camera

    First Disposable Camera
    Fuji created the first disposable camera in 1986. The disposable camera made taking pictures less formal and easy for families to take with them to capture memories.
  • World Wide Web Invented

    World Wide Web Invented
    The World Wide Web and Internet protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. This helped families learn more about their world. Instead of referring to books for information, they could now use the internet.
  • Digital Answering Machine Invented

    Digital Answering Machine Invented
    The digital answering machine was created in 1991. It helped families receive messages about who called while they were gone and get back to them in a timely manner.
  • DVD Invented

    DVD Invented
    The first DVD was created in 1995. This helps households by allowing them to watch movies in the comfort of their own home instead of having to go to the theater.
  • iPod Invented

    iPod Invented
    The first iPod was invented by the Apple Corporation in 2001 and has changed the way people listen to music ever since. It made music portable and personal.