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Inventions of the 17th and 18th centuries

  • Newspaper

    The first one was Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien published in Stasbourg by Johann Carolus.
  • Telescope

    It was created by Galileo Galilei. It suppouse a big astronomical advance.
  • Submarine

    It was built by the Dutchman inventor Cornelius Drebber. It was used to made voyages under the Thames river.
  • Calcuator

    It was built by Blaise Pascal. In a first moment it only did additions but Pacal improved it to can do subtractions.
  • Barometer

    It was invented by Torricelli and is used to measure the atmospheric preassure.
  • Clock with a pendulum

    Clock with a pendulum
    It was created by Christian Huygens. This instrument permited measure the time with more accuracy which contributed to resolve a lot of mechanic problems.
  • Pressure cooker

    Pressure cooker
    It was invented by the French physicist Denis Papin. It used steam pressure to raise the water's boiling point, thus cooking food much more quickly
  • Thermometer

    The first water thermometer was created by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit and in 1714 he improved it inventing the mercury thermometer.
  • Piano

    It was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori who named it Piano forte because it could produce strong and weak sounds.
  • Rotherham plough

    Rotherham plough
    It was bult in England by Joseph Foljambe. Its triangular shape makes the plough more easy to move and was adapted to be pulled by horses.
  • Use of coke in blast furnaces

    Use of coke in blast furnaces
    It is a fuel used to melt iron. It was started to use in the Industrial Revolution. It was necessary a fuel cheaper and more effective than the vegetal fuels. The coke has a lot of energy power.
  • Kay´s flying shuttle

    Kay´s flying shuttle
    It was invented by John Kay and was used to weave cotton faster and it permited the work that had to be make by two workers could it be done by one.
  • Elevator

    It was invented for the king Louis XV and it was installed in the Versailles´s palace. It worked by weights and human force.
    Ten years later William Thompson diseigned the first hydraulic elevator.
  • Lightning Conductor

    Lightning Conductor
    It was invented by Benjamín Franklin in America. It attract the lightning and carry them to the ground or the water to don't cause damage.
  • Sextant

    This instrument permit measure the distance between two objects. It was invented by John Bird for the captain John Campbell.
    But the first precise instrument to measure the latitude was invented by John Hadley, in 1731.
  • Spinning Machine/Jenny Machine

    Spinning Machine/Jenny Machine
    It is a multi-spindle spinning frame invented by James Hargreaves in Stanhill, England. The device reduced the amount of work needed to produce yarn, with a worker able to work eight or more spools at once. It could do the work realized by 36 spinners.
  • Watt´s steam engine

    Watt´s steam engine
    It was invented by James Watt. He improved the traditional steam engine because it wasted a lot of energy.
  • Steam Car

    Steam Car
    It was invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. It was thought that it could support 4 tonnes and go at 4 km/hour. The car was very heavy and had three wheels.
  • Dentures

    The first satisfactory, higyenic and acceptable was created by the french Alexis Duchateau. It was make by porcelain.
  • Hydraulic Drill

    Hydraulic Drill
    It was invented by John Wilkinson in England. It used the water´s power to work.
  • Hot-air Balloon

    Hot-air Balloon
    It was created by Joseph y Jacques Montgolfier. The Montgolfier brothers observed that the hot air is lighter than the cold air and tend to go up and they thought how to take advantage of this property.
  • Steam Boat

    Steam Boat
    In 1783 Claude François Jouffroy d'Abbans built the first steam boat that managed go up the current of the Saona's river from Lyon until Saint Barbara.
    Six years later Miller y Symington disigned a steam boat with a velocity of seven knots.
  • Célérifère (Bicycle)

    Célérifère (Bicycle)
    It was created by the cont Mede de Sivrac. It is the ancesor of the actual bicycle. It didn´t have pedals and the driver had to propel himself with his foots.
  • Vaccine

    It was invented by the british doctor Edward Jenner. It was against the smallpox. He had the idea to inoculate healthy people with cowpox to inmunize them against the smallpox.