Technology in pre-1950

By tr3065
  • Jul 12, 1485


    The first parachute was invented by Leoanardo Da Vinci. DaVinci was first interested in flight during the 1480s. He had over 100 drawings of how flight worked.
  • Barometer

    Evangelista Terricelli was the first person to make the first mercury barometer. He realized that the height of mercury was changed from day to day by changes in the atmospheric pressure. He also became the first scientist to create a standing vacuum.
  • Seed Drill

    Seed Drill
    The seed drill was invented by Jethro Tull. The drill would scatter seeds in rows and then cover them back up. The first drill was made from footpedals from Tull's local church organ.
  • Thermometer

    The first mercury thermometer was invented by David Gabriel Fahrenheit. He based his scale on the human body temperature. The original human body temperature was 100 degrees Fahrenheit but was changed to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Toilet

    The first flushing toilet was gave to Alexander Cummings. There were other reports about toilets long before 1775 but they went away for about 200 years. That was when Alexander Cummings came to invent the mordern day flushing toilet.
  • Arc Lamp (Electric Light)

    Arc Lamp (Electric Light)
    The first electric light was invented by Humphry Davy. He put two wires together which were connected to a wire. He put a charcoal strip between the other two ends. The electric ligh allowed
  • Locomotive

    The first locomotive was invented by George Stephenson. He was only twenty when he first started designing the locomotibe. John Thorswall was Stepheson's main assistant.
  • Camera

    The first camera invented was made by Alexander Wolcott. His design was sold on May 8th, 1840. His invention made it possible to take photos and not have the picture fade away with time.
  • Typewriter

    Christopher Sholes wanted to create a typewriter that was more up-to-date. It took him a few years but he finally finished it. His typewriter is similiar to the ones of today.
  • Steam Turbine

    Steam Turbine
    The steam turbine was invented by Charles Parsons. He realized that it needed a turbine to convert water into electricity. Most of the other people that tried didn't realize that.
  • Zeppelin

    The Zepplein was invented by Counter Ferdinand von Zeppelin. It was designed by David Schwarz. The first covering was made out of aluminum.
  • Windshield Wipers

    Windshield Wipers
    The windshield wipers were invented by Mary Anderson in November. Her invention could clean any precipitation off by a handle in the car. Her goal was to improve the driver's vision during stormy weather.
  • Gas Mask

    Gas Mask
    The gas mask was invented by Garrett A. Morgan. He made national news by using his gas mask to save 32 people trapped. They were trapped in an underground tunnel 250 feet beneath Lake Erie.
  • Toasters

    The pop-up toaster was invented by Charles Strite. The first electric toaster was invented in 1893. The electric toaster only toasted one side of the bread at once.
  • Car Radio

    Car Radio
    Paul Gavin invented the car radio in 1929. The car radios went commerical in the 1930s. Cars existed for about 30 years without radios.
  • Jet Engine

    Jet Engine
    Dr. Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle are reconized as co-owners of the jet engine. They both worked on their own and didn't know anything of the other's work. Hans von Ohain's jet was the first to fly.
  • Atomic Bomb

    Atomic Bomb
    The making of the atomic bomb was known as "The Manhattan Project." Over the six years of the Manhattan Project, more than $2 billion was spent. They tested the bomb in a desert on July 16, 1945.
  • Kidney Dialysis Machine

    Kidney Dialysis Machine
    William J. Kolff invented the kidney dialysis machine. He saved and prolonged many lifes by inventing the machine. He died from congestive heart failure.
  • Microwave Oven

    Microwave Oven
    The microwave oven was invented by Percy L. Spencer, He didn't mean to make the microwave oven. Percy was an orphan who didn't finish grammar school.
  • Mobile Phone Invented

    Mobile Phone Invented
    The first mobile phone was invented in 1947. Cell phones weren't sold to make a profit until 1983. Mobile phones were better because people could use them anywhere.