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  • Jeep was invented

    Jeep was invented
    This was the first jeep ever invented. It was invented in canada by the engineer called Arthur Herrington.
  • Microwave oven invented

    Microwave oven invented
    Dr. Percy Spencer created the first oven. did you know that he made the oven by a product of another technology.
  • Bikini invented

    Bikini invented
    Jacques Heim and Louis reard invented bikini. It was named after bikini atoll in the marshall island.
  • polaroid cameras invented

    polaroid cameras invented
    It was invented in new mexico. Edwin land created the modern camera and the polaroid camera.
  • polio vaccine

    polio vaccine
    This vaccine alone saved alot of people. After 40 years of studing on polio it led to the introduction of the vaccine.
  • First organ transplant

    First  organ transplant
    This was very important to the peole back then and now, people would die because of any organ failure. Now that they have this they can replace the bad oragn with a good one from somebody that does not use it any more.
  • First modern credit card

    First modern credit card
    In 1950 mcnamara discussed the idea with two colleagues and started a new company which was the diners club
  • color tv introduced

    color tv introduced
    It was introduced by cbs broadcast the very first commercial colr tv program. Unfortuanaly no one can watch them on their white and black tv's
  • car seat belt

    car seat belt
    It was ontroduced in 1949, but the auto makers started to design them because of safety features.
  • The structure of DNA

    The structure of DNA
    The shape and structure discoverd by James Watson.
  • Tv remote control

    Tv remote control
    In 1956 Robert Alder created the remote control.
  • laser invented

    laser invented
    Ali Javan invented the laser. It was the first gas laser helium neon invented.
  • The audio cassette

    The audio cassette
    The Phillips company of the neverlands invented and released the first compact audio cassete in 1962
  • B.A.S.I.C invented

    B.A.S.I.C invented
    BASIC stands for Begginers All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, basically it was a early computer language. It was invented by John George Kemeny and Tom Kurtzas, and they used it as a teaching tool.
  • Astroturf invented

    Astroturf invented
    Astroturf is a brand of artificial turf of synthetic grass. James faria and Robert Wright co invented Astroturf.
  • computer mouse invented

    computer mouse invented
    The computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart
  • The atm invenetd

    The atm invenetd
    There where many inventors of the atm, but Don wetzel invented an american made atm in 1969
  • The Arpanet invneted

    The Arpanet invneted
    Arpanet was the first internet ever created. IPTO originally invented it. IPTO is information processing technology office.
  • coputer floppy disks introduced

    coputer floppy disks introduced
    It was revolutionized data storage in the pc. PC means personal computer
  • First vaccine for rubella

    First vaccine for rubella
    Rubella has affect alot of people around the world. Thanks to the rubella vaccine that was invented in the 1970's people would not get it as much. Today rubella vaccine is mixed with measles and mumps vaccines.
  • VCR's introduced

    VCR's introduced
    Sony created the first VCR in 1971. It was home use, and It was called betamax
  • pocket calculators

    pocket calculators
    Of course it was used to calculate math problems. Also it expanded the math capabilities for the students and adults.
  • First vaccine for chicken pox

    First vaccine for chicken pox
    Edward Jenner devoloped the chickn pox vaccine. This was the first vaccine devoloped as a treatment for any disease.
  • First vaccine for pneumonia

    First vaccine for pneumonia
    Pneumonia has affected alot of people around the world. phnemonia is a inflammitory condition of the lung.
  • Personal computer (pc)

    Personal computer (pc)
    IBM released a new computer called ibm(pc). It was originally designated as the ibm 5150.
  • Pac man is extremly popular

    Pac man is extremly popular
    It was released in 1981 and became popular Buckner and Garcia created it, it was called pac-man fever.
  • cabbage patch

    cabbage patch
    They were introduced in 1983 and became the most popular toy fads of the 80's.
  • New coke hits the market

    New coke hits the market
    In 1985 the new coke was only sold to canada and united states, e.c.t. Cocacola, coke,and new coke were all names they called it.
  • MRI devoloped

    MRI devoloped
    In 1986 the aha devoloped a new second generatio, the MRI.
  • DNA first used

    DNA first used
    In the united states it was first used on colon pitch fork, and they used the dna finger printing to figure out who it was.
  • cellphones

    cellphones in 1990 where cheap and not that advanced as they are now.
  • Microwsoft ordered split

    Microwsoft ordered split
    It became very useable all around the world for every one. It was the worlds most popular operating system.
  • The "i love you " VIRUS

    The "i love you " VIRUS
    In 2000 the virus came on may 4 2000. It came from friends familys and coworker, and it got people excited.
  • computers

    computers are more advanced now then they were back then. als they are more expansive
  • y2k bug

    y2k bug
    In that time computers where programmed to automatically assume the date beginning with 19 as 1977 and 1988, but when the date was to turn from december 31 1999 to janurary alot of computers got confused and crashed the computer.
  • computers

    they were not advanced as they are in the 90's as they are now.
  • medicine

    medicine is more useful now then back then because half of the medicines we have now were not invented