Inventions Between 1900 and 1950

  • Wireless signal Radio.

    Wireless signal Radio.
    Invented by: Guglielmo Marconi. The wireless signal radio would have never been thought up of if it wasnt for the telephone and then thetelegraph. "Radio technology began as"wirelesstelegraphy". This all started with the discovery of radio waves.
  • Air Conditioner.

    Air Conditioner.
    It was invented by Willis Carrier. It was an accidental invention for human comfort. Carrier had first invented it to airout and keep his factory with less humidity. Soon after he invented it though, everybody started using it for there own comfort and that is how we use it now.
  • winsheild wipers.

    winsheild wipers.
    Winsheild wipers was invented by Mary Anderson. Well she was the firest to invent the first opertional windsheild wiper. It is an esential part of driving in the rain. If you don't have them while driving in the rain, then you can't se.
  • Air Plane

    Air Plane
    Everybody knows who invented the air plane, it was the wright brothers. It changed the way the whole world travled. The air planes started to get bigger and faster and the bigger they got the more people could travel on them. The faster they got, the faster people got places far away that they needed to go.
  • Crayons.

    Crayons were invented by, Binny and Smith. Crayons were very popular to kids. They could color things and have fun with them. It brought a whole new activity for children to do. Not only children used them though, adults used them for art projects and thing like that.
  • Safety Glass.

    Safety Glass.
    Saftey Glass was invented by, Edouard Benedictus in 1903. Saftey glass is bascly a glass that is much stronger than the original glass. It is used in cars so they can take things being flung by other cars into the glass. Saftey glass also doesnt shadder.
  • Air Plane Engine.

    Air Plane Engine.
    The airplane engine was invented by Charles taylor. The airplane motor was basicly a car motor except it was made lighter weight so it would be light enough to be on an airplane and not drag it down to the ground.
  • outboard motor.

    outboard motor.
    The outboard motor was invented in 1907 by: ole Evinrude. the outboard motor made it to were people didnt have to manualy move there boats through the water. instead of rowing them, thye could just start this motor and move and stear there boat with it.
  • Zipper.

    It was invented by, Gideon Sundback. Before the Zipper, they used buttons and velcrow. Zippers made it eaiser to close jackets and things like that. It wouldn't come undone as easy as velcrow, and, it didn't take at long as buttons, and, it wouldn't come undone unless you wanted to undo it.
  • Traffic light.

    Traffic light.
    The Traffis Light was invented by, Gerret Morgan. the traffic light made it to were traffic could travvle a little smoother. So, instead of having stop sighns at busy intersections, they could have traffic lights and that way more people could get through faster and safer than with out a stp light.
  • Television.

    It was invented by Philo T. Farnsworth. The invention of the the television made it to were instead f people listening to the news and just hearingit, they could lisen to it and see it at the same yime and have a better idea about what was going on.
  • Yo-Yo

    Invented by: Donald Duncon. It was mainly an invention for peoples amusment. there is a lot of cool things you can do with yo-yos. They are a lot of fun to learn and to get really good at.
  • Duct tape.

    Duct tape.
    Duct Tapw was invented by: Johnson and Johnson Company. Duct tape was the best invention ever. It fixes almost every thing, and today people have started to even make duct tape everything. duct tape wallets, book covers, duct tae eveything.
  • Nuclear Reaction.

    Nuclear Reaction.
    Invented by, Enrico Fermi. The invetion of the nuclear reaction was intended to provide cheap and abundent power but it turned out to be more expensive than thought, but there was a advantage, it did not create green house gasses. However, this invention also allowed the creation of atomic weapons... Weapons of mass destruction.
  • Cat Litter.

    Cat Litter.
    Cat litter was invented by Ed Lowe. Cat litter gives cats a place to do there buisness in the house without having to go outside. And it doesant steank very much. Cat litter made it to were cats can stay inside all the time and not have to go out side.