The Evolution of Computers

By Room115
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    Computers, 1800-present

  • Charles Babbage, Difference Engine

    Charles Babbage begins conception of the Difference Engine, the first automatic computing engine. However, due to financial constraints, he was unable to bring his project to fruition.
  • Complex Number Calculator

    The Complex Number Calculator, or CNC, debuts at Dartmouth College during a conference of the American Mathematical Society. Originally designed in 1939 by George Stibitz, this machine could use telephone lines to perform calculations entered by someone in another location. Stibitz's demonstration at this conference is widely believed to be the first instance of remote access computing.
  • Stanford Arm

    The Stanford Arm becomes the first successful electric computer-controlled robot arm. By 1974 it was being used to assemble a Ford Model-T. This robotic arm would usher in the mechanization of commercial manufacturing
  • Apple Computer Invented

    Designed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the Apple introduced the computer mouse and graphical interface to the world of computing. Apple computers resembled modern computers, possessing peripheral keyboards and mice. They also introduced the 3.5" floppy disc,
  • Linux Created

    Linux Created
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