The european union

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  • The espeech by Robert schusman

    After the second world, Robert schusman ,a French minister, presented an idea to strengthen the cooperation between European countries in this way we avoid new conflicts and complete economically.
  • ECSC was founded

    Six european countries ( Belgium,France,Italy,West germany,Luxenbourg and Netherlands.) create the European loal and steel comunity. The cooperation was sucefull so the countries decided to expaind the project.
  • Teatries of Rome were signed

    Esblablish EEC and EAEC.The first EEC members intrduce new measures.
    They established a common economic for members countries
    They introduced senior service personel and the free movements members of Brember capital.
    They have enclated new laws that you don't often see to strengthenn political cooperation.
  • EEC was founded

  • EEC was enlarged to nine members

  • ERDF was founded

  • EEC was enlarged to ten members

  • EEC was enlarged to twelve members and single european act was signed

  • Maastrich Treaty came into force

    The Maanstricht trety becomes the power of the EEC to become the EU.Was etablished a common market at the economic level.
  • EU was enlarged to fiveteen members

  • Adoption of the treaty of nive which came into force in 2003

  • The euro came into circulation

    The oficial European currency the euro circulatend in the euro zone
  • EU was enlarged to twenty five members

    At the political level all EU citizents are granted European citizenships
  • EU was enlarged to twenty seven members

  • Treaty of Lisbon came into force

  • Teatry of Lisbon came into a force

    In 2009 Teatry of Lisbon came into a force to reform the institutions of EU
  • EU was enlarged to twenty eight members

    Since the establishment of EU in 1957 the EU has canged from 6 to 28 member states.The EU is an important economic power.
  • Period: to

    The european union