The European Union

  • Period: to

    After the second World war

    Several European countries countries decided to create an organisation between the countries of Europe .The aims (apuntar) were consolidate peace ,to avoid the new conflicts in Europe and to compete economically as a block with other world economies.
  • Robert Schuman

    Robert Schuman
    These idea were presented by Robert Schuman ,French Minister of foreign affairs ,in a speech . The photo is when wrote the ideas.
  • Six European Countries

    Six European Countries
    Belgium,France ,Italy,West Germany,Luxembourg and Netherland created the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC).This coperation was to protect the countries and to the economy. This photo is when were all the minister .
  • Treaties of Rome

    Treaties of Rome
    Which stablished the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community.
    1The economic is to policies for memver countries
    2They introduced free movement of goods,services,workers and capital between member countries
    3They created new laws in common to help to strengthen political coperation
  • Foundation

    The EU grown from six members countries to 28 ,in successive erlagement
  • Spain joined

    Spain joined
  • Period: to

    The European Union

    Mastriticht come to the force .The market was stablished.In 2002 came the euro.All the citizens of E.E were granted.
  • The treaties of Lisbon

    The treaties of Lisbon
    Came into the force to reform the institution of EU.Some of the reforms were.
    It validated the charter of fundamental rights for all the citizens
    More demotric voting sistem
    The president is chosen to represent of EU for a two years and a half
    It stregnthened EU foreign policies.