The end of Navitve life

  • Plain Wars

    Plain Wars
    For the natives to protect their lands and to stop the waste of the buffalo, Plains people had to fight. In 1862 the Santee Sioux of Minnesota attacked a group of sttlers who had moved into their hunting lands. After defeated they were moved to reservations.
  • Period: to

    End of the Way of Indian life

    As the United States expanded into Indian territory, by mining, farming, and creating the Transcontinental Railroad, the Indians begin to die out. And most of the surviving Indians were put on reservations.
  • Massacre at Sand Creak

    Massacre at Sand Creak
    A group called the colorado volunteers surrounded Sand Creek. Killing about 400 people. Most of whom were woman and children
  • Transcontinental Railroad

    Transcontinental Railroad
    The first transcontinental line in 1869, discussion of this project was started when gold was discovered in California in 1848. Construction proceeded rapidly as the 2 lines raced to get more government money and land.
  • killing buffalo

    killing buffalo
    the railroad played a big roll in killing buffalo. they had to migrate to lands they were not familiar with .
  • Aother Broken Treaty

    Aother Broken Treaty
    Sitting bull and crazy horse, the local Indian leaders from the black hills. Decide to take up arm to defend their dwindling land supply. They were protecting their land from the miners of gold.
  • the dawes act

    the dawes act
    this act broke up native americans around the plains ant even reservations. the dawse act gave each 160 ares to cultivate. then after 25 years native americans would e granted ownership of the land and an united states citizenship.
  • wounded knee

    wounded knee
    one of the most grousome days in history that the usa has seen that humans have conducted. this revolved around the usa tribes were tribes were forced to subbmit to a diffrent exstinction.