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  • Hitler came to Munich

    Hitler moved from his hometown to Munich Germany. He became a soldier in WW1 and he ended up in the military hospital in 1918 He was temporarily blind.
  • National Socialist Workers Party

    The NSWP started and the beliefs took off.
  • spying

    Hitler went to a meeting of the political parties. He was a spy for the army before he joined.
  • Elected

    Multiple political parties were fighting to get elected. The NSDAP what a minor political party.
  • Hitler assumes control over the Nazis

    Hitler attended his first meeting.
  • Pledge

  • Support

    Nazis gain support with various groups
  • Start of the great depression

  • Anschluss- Austrian Takeover

  • The Chancellor deal

  • Concentration camps

    Hitler ordered camps to be made for anyone who was not german. Also for rebels.
  • Chancellorship

    Chancellorship was offered to Hitler to keep him curbed with his radicalness and he took the offer. A chance to form a government was brought up as well.
  • Reichstag fire and aftermath

  • The Enabling act

  • HIndenburg's death

  • Declared as Fuehrer

    Hitler declared himself as fuehrer for Germany. There was a man (president) who didn't agree with this called Hitler the overdressed... He ordered the brown shirts to take care of his opponents. The brown shirts were like street thugs.
  • Rearmament

  • Czechoslovakia and the Munich agreement