The Diary of Samuel Sewall -- English III -- Felix Dolderer

  • Examination on accused persons

    Examination on accused persons
    Samuel Sewall went to Salem in the meeting-house. In the meeting-house the accused persons waited agitatedly for their examinatioon.
  • Execution of 6 people

    Execution of 6 people
    On this day 6 persons were hung in Salem. There was a big crowd of spectators present. Every of the six persons tried to convice the justices that they were innocent.
  • 1st persons confesses

    Dorcas Hoar confesses after a petition. An order is sent to the sherrif to hold her execution back, notwithstanding her being in the warrant to die the next day. She was the first person to confess.
  • Sewalls prayer to god

    Sewall prayed to god that god would pardon all his sinful wanderings and direct him for the future. He prayed that god would bless the Assembly in their debates, and that god choose and assist their judges, etc., and Save New England as to enemies and witchcraft.
  • Sam's recite

    Sam, one of Sewall's children, recites to hin in Latin, Matthew 12 from the 6th to the end of the 12th verse. The 7th verse did awfully bring to mind the Salem tragedy.