womens rights,abarogine rights and imagtion pepole time line

  • Captain Cook arrives!

    Captain Cook arrives on Botonay Bay and discovers Austraila inhabited.
  • Period: to

    Australian History

  • First Fleet

    The convicts arrived for the camp in Austrlia on the First Fleet
  • Traspotion.

    the covicts start coming and keep going onto 1868
  • STOP!

    The convicts stop coming!
  • Austraila fedarates

    Austraila fedrtion happened
  • all resdint nautrelise

    all resdints nauterlise comonwealth bank
  • mimum wage for women

    mimum wage for women
  • oldies pesion was introduced

  • all abroganial pepole get to vote

    the abrogianol pepole get to vote in Austraila.
  • Bad employment not many jobs

    (not much more to say).
  • pop reachs 14mill

    pop reachs 14mill in Australia.
  • Racil distramtion act termanatied

    (not much more to say).
  • You can sponsor your own employe

    (not much more to say).
  • 1981 sponorsing relative

    your now allwowed to sponer your relatives
  • first abrogianl women to be head of gov

    (not much more to say).
  • first abariganol women to a gold medal

    olmpic women wins
  • founding of women contrey womens asssotaicoin

    (not much more to say).
  • Quntice Bryce retires

    first female genarl governer retires