The Day of the Triffids

  • Bill Masen is Born

    William "Bill" Masen is born in a southern suburb of London, England. The remainder of the timeline is based on the apporximation that Bill was born around 1946.
  • Creation of Triffids

    Triffids are created, likley in Russia, but it is unknown how.
  • Introduction of Triffid Vegetable Oil

    Umberto Christoforo Palanguez introduces the triffid's vegetable oil to those at the Arctic and European fish oil company, which makes most of their best oils look like "grease box fillers". Umberto agrees to fly out the triffid seeds for a large amount of money.
  • Triffids Seeds are Released

    Weeks later: While flying the seeds over, Umberto's plane is attacked by Russians, his plane explodes, and a cloud containing many triffid seeds is released into the sky, where they begin to drift off.
  • Triffids Begin to Appear

    Months later: Triffids begin to pop up around the world, especially in tropical areas such as Columbia and Brazil.
  • Bill is Stung as a Child

    A premature triffid in Bill's backyard stings him while he is investigating the plant, and he gets hurt, but not seriously injured. The triffid gives Bill a large red welt on his face.
  • Bill Gets a Job Working with Triffids

    After graduating high school, Bill applies to the Arctic & European Oil Company, where he gets a job working in production, which involves triffids. He meets colleuge Walter Lucknor at this time as well.
  • Walter Shares His Theories About Triffids

    Walter, Bill's colleuge, shares with his theories regarding the intelligence of the triffids, and how he believes they communicate with one another.
  • Bill's Parents are Killed

    Both of Bill's parents are killed in an airplane ("airbus") crash during the holidays.
  • Walter Lucknor Dies

    Walter Lucknor dies mysteriously, although it is likley he was fatally wounded by a triffid.
  • Bill is Stung by a Triffid

    While working, Bill is stung by a triffid, and enters the hospital for a surgery which leaves him temporarily blinded, due to bandages wrapped around his head.
  • The Meteor Shower

    A meteor shower occurs on Earth, with great flashes of green light which result in blindness for those who witness the spectacle. Bill however, due to the bandages around his head, is unaffected by the lights.
  • Bill Meets Josella

    Bill awakens in the hospital early Wednesday morning, and notices the streets are eerily calm, After removing his bandages, he finds that everyone in the city has gone blind because of the meteor shower. He wanders through London, and eventually meets Josella Playton, who is also sighted. They find shelter for the night, and witness a bright light coming from the University.
  • Bill and Josella Meet the Colonel and Michael Beadly

    Bill and Josella travel to the Universtiy, where they meet the Colonel and Michael Beadly, who are in charge of a group who plans to form a community. They enlist Bill and Josella's help, and send them to gather supplies. The Colonel does not seem to be overly concerned with the threat of the triffids.
  • Attack at the University

    Coker captures sighted citizens from the Universtiy, and his group intends to use them as guides for groups of blind people. Bill and Josella are seprerated, and Bill later escapes Coker's group.
  • Bill and Coker Head for Tynsham

    After escaping, Bill returns to the Universtiy, only to find it deserted. He is suprised to run into Coker while he is ther, and together they set off for Tynsham, in search of Beadly's party and Josella. They reach Tynsham, a Christian community, and discover Beadly had passed though, but had since left.
  • Bill Travels to Sussex, and Meets Susan

    While Coker and his group plan to return to Tynsham, Bill travels to Sussex in search of Josella. He tells Coker he will meet up with him at Tynsham after finding Josella. On his way to Sussex, Bill meets a 10 year old girl whose brother has been killed by a triffid. Her name is Susan, and she ends up coming with Bill.
  • Bill Reaches Shirning

    Bill and Susan reach Shirning Farm, where Bill is reunited with Josella. He meets the other residents of Shirning, Dennis, Mary, and Joyce, who own the farm, They are all blind, and Mary is pregnant. Soon after, Mary gives birth to a child.
  • Period: to

    Bill and Josella Live Together at Shirning Farm

    After Bill is reunited with Josella at Shirning Farm, they continue to live there with Dennis, Mary, Joyce, Susan, and the children, fighting off the triffids that attack the farm with an electrical fence. They occupy Shirning for six years, until they must leave to escape Torrence.
  • Bill Searches for Coker

    Bill ventures for Tynsham in search of Coker, planning to move there with Josella. He finds the manor deserted however, with only bodies remaining.
  • Bill Returns to London

    Bill visits London for the first time again, and gathers supplies for the residents at Shirning, such as food, books, and anti-triffid gear.
  • David Masen is Born

    Bill and Josella's first child, David Masen, is born.
  • Bill and Josella Meet Ivan Simpson

    Bill and Josella meet Ivan Simpson, when his helicopter lands along the shoreline. He comes from the Isles of Wright, and asks them to join his group.
  • Torrence Storms Shirning

    Mr. Torrence, claiming to be from the Emergency Council for the Southeast Region of Britain requests that Bill and Josella occupy 17 additional blind residents at Shirning. Torrence wants to capture other lands and gain power. Bill thinks he is unreasonable, and decides to trick him. That night, Torrence and his men stay for dinner, where Josella gets them very drunk. While they are sleeping, Bill and the others escape from Shirning, and drive off towards the Isles of Wright.