The Da Vinci Code

  • Jacques Sauniere Dies 10:46 PM

  • Jacques Sauniere is found dead at 11:00PM

  • Robert Langdon is picked up by police and taken to the Louvre

  • Langdon finds hidden text next to the body at the musuem

  • Langdon descovers that the police want to arrest him and he fakes an escape from the musuem

  • Langdon and his accompise Sophie stay at the Louvre and figure out an important peace of the puzzle by finding a hidden key behind one of Da Vincis pinings along with a clue that takes them to a swiss bank.

  • At the Bank they get find a box in the safe and withdraw it from Sauniere (Sophies Grandpas) account.

  • Period: to

    The Da Vinci Code By: Dan Brown

  • Robert and Sophie go to Roberts friend Mr. Teabings house to talk about how to open everything.

  • They figure out some of the puzzle but then the police show up and they are forced to leave his house and go to england

  • In england the continue to figure out pieces of the puzzle but then get betrayed by Teabing and his assistant and almost get killed

  • The clues lead them (now without the box) to Issac Newtons grave where they find the rest of the clues but need to find the box

  • They are tricked into meeting Teabing and he wants them to open the box for him but Robert refuses and breaks it and so he thinks all is lost, but Robert kept the secrect with him.

  • They go to the final place, but they find nothing! Sophie finds out that it is her family that runs the place and stays with them.

  • Back at his hotel Robert finally figures it out and uncovers where the "Holy grail" is resting but does not uncover it.