The Cold War

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    The Cold War

  • Korean War

    Korean War
    o North Korea invaded the Republic of Korea
    o North Koreans headed south and demolished all opposition
    o The UN labeled North Korea as Aggressors
    o Member states of the UN had to send military assistance
    o North Korea still headed south despite that, the goal was to take the port of Pusan (vital port)
    o General MacArthur managed to get North Korea running back north by cutting communication and having a massive aerial force.
    o As North Korea fled, MacArthur ordered a pursuit, as the UN forces dr
  • Stalemate- Korean War

    o There was a land stalemate on both sides, talks began and lasted 2 years.
    o thousands of prisoners were released on both sides
  • End of the Korean War

    End of the Korean War
    o Estimated Death toll: 4,302,078 (rough estimate)
    o Estimated Wounded toll: 891,675 (rough estimate)
    o Estimated Captured toll: 123,060 (rough estimate)
  • Vietnam War Begins

  • Berlin Wall is built

    Berlin Wall is built
    o Stood for 28 years
    o The wall was built to prevent East German citizens from crossing the border.
    o Built in the dead of night while everyone was sleeping. Whatever side you were on when the wall was built was the side you were stuck on.
    o Stretched over 100 miles
    o Wrapped around west berlin effectively cutting west berlin off from east Germany
    o In total about 5,000 people made it across the wall
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    o 13 days in October 1962
    o Possible Nuclear War
    o An American spy plane secretly photographed nuclear missiles being built on Cuba.
    o Kennedy placed a naval blockade around Cuba; the aim was to “quarantine” or to stop soviets from bringing in more military supplies.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis ends

    Cuban Missile Crisis ends
  • Reagan Govenor to California

  • SALT Treaty

    o Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
    o November 1969-May 1972
    o The U.S and the Soviet Union negotiated the first agreements to place limits and restraints on their most important armaments
    o There were a series of Treaties put in place to end the seemingly never ending completion in defensive systems.
    o Not very successful
    o The Soviet Union began to develop antiballistic missile systems, the US began to develop their own in 1967
  • SALT II Treaty

    primary goal of SALT II was to replace the Interim Agreement with a long-term comprehensive Treaty providing broad limits on strategic offensive weapons systems
  • Reagan succeeded as Govenor

  • Vietnam War Ends

    Vietnam War Ends
    o Withdrawal began in July of 1969.
    o Nixon expanded to war to other countries in an attempt to bring a faster end to hostilities.
    o Peace talks began in France on January 25th 1969.
    o After the US had withdrawn the majority of its troops, North Vietnam staged another massive attack.
    o last of the US troops withdrawn on January 27th 1973.
    o left knowing South Vietnam could not stand another massive attack.
    o On July 2nd,1976, VietnaVietnam was reunited as the Socialist Republic Vietnam
  • Ronald Reagan takes office

    Ronald Reagan takes office
  • Reagan assassination attempt

    only 69 days into new administration
  • Gorbachev takes office in Soviet Union

  • Reagan leaves office

  • Berlin Wall taken down

    Berlin Wall taken down
  • START treaty

    bilateral treaty between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms
  • Gorbachev leaves office

  • Period: to

    post cold war

  • Reagan dies