The Evolution of how we listen to Music

  • The Phonograph

    The Phonograph
    -Invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison
    -First method of recording and playing sound.
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  • The Gramophone

    The Gramophone
    -invented by Emile Berliner in Washington D.C.
    -First invention to start recording on flat discs.
    -Originally made of glass, then zinc and eventually plastic.
  • LP's

    -First invented in 1948.
    -Also known as ‘the album
    -Many different sizes: 33 1/3”, 7”, 12” and 10”
  • Multitrack Recording

    Multitrack Recording
    -Invented in 1962, experiments started for a multitrack recorder in late 1940’s by Les Paul.
    -Artist such as the Beatles and the Beach boys used the multitrack recorder.
    -Utilised in World War I
    -Still used today.
  • Cassette Tapes

    Cassette Tapes
    -Invented in 1963 by Phillips.
    -Became the most popular form of music media in several years.
    -In the 70’s it became possible to record your own music off records or the radio.
    -Portable cassette players were also released revolutionising the music industry as you could now listen to music on the go.
  • Cassette Tape Player (Walkman)

    Cassette Tape Player (Walkman)
    -The first of Sony’s portable cassette tape players went on sale on July 1st, 1979.
    -cost $150.
    -Began the transition for other formats such as CD, mini-disc, MP3 and streaming music.
    -Over 200 million cassette players sold.
    -Sony retired the classic Walkman line in 2010.
  • CD (Compact Disc)

    CD (Compact Disc)
    -The first CD ever made was pressed on August 17, 1982.
    -The first CD pressed was ABBA’s ‘The Visitors’ album.
    -Reached the shelves in November 1982.
    -CD players were introduced. Selling for US$1000
  • Discman

    -Invented in 1984 by Sony.
    -Took over the Walkman.
    -Release in Japan and valued at 49,800 yen.
    -Ran on batteries.
  • Recordable CD's

    Recordable CD's
    -Invented by Hewlett Packard in September 1995,
    -Took 3 years to overtake LP’s as the top selling music.
  • Mp3 Player

    Mp3 Player
    -First successful Mp3 player was released in 1997, although investigation into Mp3 technology began in 1987.
    -known as AMP MP3 playback engine.
    -FM and AM radio available through Mp3 players.

    -Released in 2000.
    -Allowed people to easily share their song files with each other.
    -Led to a drop in recording sales.
    -Shut down by court order in 2001.
    -Developed an idea of free online file sharing.
  • iPod

    -Released in 2001 by Apple.
    -Over 7 years, 14 different versions of the iPod have been introduced.
    -Began with the ‘Classic’.
    -First 3 ‘Classic’ ranged between 5 and 40GB
    -Can hold photos, music and videos.
    -Offers Wi-Fi and Multi tough interface.
  • iTunes

    -Released in 2003 to accompany the iPod.
    -Allows you to manage audio and video on your computer.
    -Make playlists, edit files and information, record CD’s, purchase music.