The Beginning

  • Birth

    Born on May 17,1976 @ Wayne County Hospital City of Wayne MI. @11:34pm to Michael & Pamea Gibson
  • Hospital Visits

    Family and friends come visit the first born child and grandchild in the hosptal.
  • Home Coming

    3 days old was taken from birth place to a place of resident called home located in Inkster MI.
  • 4 week Dr. Visit

    Immuzations due where crying was gong on. (sad day)
  • Sleep Patterns

    now starting to sleep a lilttle longer than 3-4 hours. Parents happy
  • Food

    Introduce to table food.
  • food

    Was introduced to baby cereal at 6 months with a little apple sauce mixed. Um Um GOOD
  • Knocking things over

    7 months & crawling, putting everything in mouth.
  • !st Christmas

    Only child only grandchld receiveed everything a person could magine and not imagine including things unable to even used yet.
  • day after Christmas

    Opening Xmas gifts still not kknowing what going on just making noise.
  • babysitting

    First time grandparents watch grandchild while parents went out. Grandmother trying to find out why I'm crying when she changed and feef me. Uncle came in and picked me up, I stop crying, my grandmother "stated she don't sit and hold kids all day.".
  • teething

    Fussing and crying keeping parents up all night from fever an gums hurting.
  • Teeths

    Biting everything even people.
  • First Steps

    Crawling around table pulled self up on edge on table and let go. Parents was excited mom screamed i fell.
  • Potty training

    learning how tell parents I need to go to the restroom.
  • 1 year

    1st Birthday @ the party not wanting to play just underneath mom. sleepy cause the dy is long. Lots of gifts for the only child in family.
  • Talking

    Talking clear one syllable words like stop, mine, no, mom, dad, eat...etc
  • Babysitting

    Being Introduced to staying at babysitters house while parents working
  • 2nd Xmas

    Admiring the lights on the tree. exciting when opening up the wrapped gifts.
  • Sibiling

    Not the only child anyore siser on board...
  • 2 years

    2nd birthday birthday at home. Having to share my attention.
  • Helping

    Like to help feed the baby (sister when she's crying.
  • X-mas

    playing with ister with new toys.
  • 3 years

    Getting ready to go to school for socialization.
  • head start

    1st day of head start meeing friends and learning how to share.
  • nutrition

    learning how to eat varies vegetables with learning colors.
  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving ; Family gathering eating food, playing games , and gaining weight.
  • Christmas

    4th X-mas now looking forward to makig cookies and leaving milk out for Santa
  • 4 years

    4th Birthday enjoying family and friends
  • Pre School

    2nd year of school now learning how to write and reconginze letters and numbers ec.
  • Speech

    Learing I speak some words through my tougue.
  • kindergardner

    In kindergardner learn how to read, and Learning the basics
  • graduation

    graduating from kindergarding Yeah Yeah
  • first grade

    Learning abort memory, such as adding subtractng, etc......reading.. learning how to recall what I read.
  • Period: to

    Biosocial Development

    Physically active Play years
  • contnuation of speech

    Learning how t keep my tongue in jail...(metaphore)
  • daisy

    Learning how to be a part of a group and win awards and pins
  • Period: to

    Life changed

    Parents Separate.
    Mother Working full time
    Going to gradparents house after school everyday
  • Period: to


    Speech Better
    Fighting peers
    Counsel meetings every week
    Grades dropped
    All due to divorce of parents
  • Period: to


    Grades Better, Honors
    Joined Physical teams
  • Period: to

    Teen Pregnancy

    Pregnant still going to school
  • Prom

    prom with friends
  • Last year

    Graduation from high school with honors with a baby