The beatles timeline

  • The beggining

    The beggining
    Everything started on 1959, when John Lennon (16 years old) invite to Paul Mcarney (14 years old) to join to his band called "The Quarrymen". They used to play at school and to some friends, later the invite to George Harrison (13 years old). They have their first presentation in 1957, and then they changed the name of the band to "The Beatles", in the drums, they have to another guy
  • Firsts concerts

    Firsts concerts
    They started to have concerts in Hamburgo, at some clubs of the city. After that, they returned to Liverpool on 1961, to play in a placed called "The cavern club". They added to Ringo Star, as the new drummer.
    Over there, was Brian Epstein, who was a record seller, and he offers to managed them
  • First record

    First record
    The hole band had their first record on 1962 with the help of George Martin on the EMI studios.
    The songs that they sang that day, were "Love me do" "P.S I love you" and "Ask me why" written by Paul and Lennom
  • Beatlemania

    The thing was going really good, they have some appearences on British TV, some newspapermans, introduce them on American TV, calling them as "British Beatlemania", they were fascinated with them and everithing gets better, when they launch "I want to hold your hand".
    This phenomenon was huge, some people say that they change the way of the music. The band´s effect was evident, thw people start to copy their appearance, everyone listened to their music, and they loved them
  • Top Hits and first album

    Top Hits and first album
    After the launching of the first singles, it was a total descontrol. At the beggining of the year the song "Love me do" and "Please please me" reached he top two on the Record Relaiter.
    Then, on March of the same year, they launched their first album, who was called "Please please me", as the song, and it reached the top 1 on the British charts.
  • Travel to USA

    Travel to USA
    So, when Brian see the success that they have in America, he decided to take them over there. When they leave England, in the Airport, there was a big crowd of fans saying goodbye to them. But when they arrived to America, it was worst, the people was crazy for them and this was called as "First British Music Invasion"
  • Beatles bigger than Jesus

    Beatles bigger than Jesus
    Everithing was going well, they had 4 recognized albums, they were in world tour, and they were happy. Until one day that Lennon said that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. And this annotation round the world, and this commentarty insults a lot to the cristian community and they started losing a lot of fans
  • The last concert

    The last concert
    On August 29th of 1966, on Candlestick Park, San Francisco, they played their last concert, because they have a lot of problems during the tour, and they were getting bigger. So they decided that it was the end. But, that doesn´t mean that they aren´t going to make more music
  • The new way of their music

    The new way of their music
    So, I don´t know what happened but, they decided to add something new to their music, the people say, that is the beggining of the psicodelic music, with brand new sound and another point of view to see the rock, the album was called "Sgt. Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band", and is one of the best albums in the history.
  • Brian Epstein death

    Brian Epstein death
    Knowned as "the fifth beatle" died on August 27th of 1967, thr man who reach them to the top, he die of an accidental drug overdose. All the beatles community were in mourning
  • Concert on the rooftop

    Concert on the rooftop
    It was totaly improve, what they were going to do was, to record a live album on a studio, when they were oracticing over there, they strarted to dislike the place, so, the they of the concert, they decided to play it on the rooftop of Apple corps. And this was the last live presentation of the Beatles
  • The end of the leyend

    The end of the leyend
    After that concert, they launched the album called "Abbey Road" on September 16th of 1969. They started to have big issues in the band, so they decided to separate, the main cause of this decition was the continues fights with Yoko-Ono (Lennon girlfriend) and the band. They say goodby to us with their last album called "Let it be" launched on May 8th of 1970
  • And, What happened then?

    And, What happened then?
    Well, everyone continue with ther mucisian career. John was murder on 1980, George die for lung cancer on 2001, Paul and Ringo still alive. But one thing is true, their music will live forever