The Ancient Ameican Indians timeline by Lachlan Duff

By duffman
  • Jan 1, 1492

    I found America !

    Italian explorer Christopher Columbus leads the expediton to find new trade routes in the western Atlantic ocean. This results in the discovery of America and Euorpen contact with the natives having a devastaing affect on the native American culture.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1566 to Dec 1, 1569


    Juan Pardo goes on an expedition to find gold. On the way he meets the Catawba ,Wateree and the Saxapahaw Indians
  • colony spots

    colony spots
    Sir Walter Raleigh sends Philp Amadas and Arthur Barlowe to North America in search of potential colony spots.
  • the whites move

    White settlers move into the Indian lands of North Carolina.
  • The Indians attack

    The Indians attack
    The Cherokee Indians attack white settlers in North Carolina.
  • The Cherokee meet a king

    The Cherokee meet a king
    The Cherokee go to London to talk and sign an agreement with the King of England
  • Period: to


    An outbreak of Smallpox depletes the Indian population rapidly in North Carolina
  • Period: to

    Into Battle

    A battle begins between the Cherokee and white settlers over land in the west.
  • Population Decimated

    The Indian population in Eastern North Carolina is about 356.
  • Indians are captive

    An act of assembly aganist the French ensures the enslavement of all Indian allies and prisoners.
  • The Cherokee must die!

    A British army lead by Coronal James Grant destroys 15 villages ending the Cherroke resistance.
  • The Cherokee end the war

    The Cherokee sign a deal with American settlers ending the war.
  • Treaty time

    The Indians sign a treaty with the Long Island Ridge Council so no settlers can settle in Blueridge and Noilchucky,Watauga ,Upper Holsten and New rivers
  • The cherokee attack agian!

    The cherokee attack agian!
    The Cherokee attack settlers kowning that the odds are stacked against them.
  • The Cherokee die!

    General Griffith Rutheford leads 2,400 men into battle in Cherokee country destroying 32 villages.
  • Treaty Breaking

    Although the treaty in 1777 the Govetrment begins selling land as far as Pidgon River
  • Money Money!

    Money Money!
    The American Indians sign a deal with the Holston Government buying 100 miles in tract in excahnge for goods and annuity of $1000.
  • Revenge

    The cherokee put an end too clan revenge as a way to get scoical control
  • Move

    The Cherokee cede of exchange is passed for the trade of land on the Arkasas river.So 2000 Chetokee move west.