The amazing adventure fo ancient time

  • The first English Settlement

    The first English Settlement
    Is established ar Roanoke lsland also Ralph lane is appointed governor. Roanoke Indian people. Some people welcome the clonists begain to see the English for food and other recources
  • Ralph lane leads an exoedition

    Palpf lane leads an expedition into the inteior in north carolina in search of gold and other precions metals
  • Raleigh sends explorer artist John white

    Raleigh sends explorer artist John white
    To Roanoke lsland as a ledder of a new group for settlers. The second English attempt to settle there. The coloists find bones of the 15 men left behind in 1586
  • White finally returns to Roanoke

    the White men finally retunns to Roanoke lsland to find the colony deserted
  • Jamestown leader john smith sends expeditions

    Jamestown leader john smith sends expeditions
    Jamestown was the leader of John smith who sends a expedition to the island of Ranoke area to seek information about the lost colony.
  • Spain's rivatry with England

    Spain's rivatry with  England
    The Spanish governemt develops an alloance people to monitor the Jamestown colony
  • white settlers begain to move into Indians land

    white settlers begain to move into Indians land
    Along the coastal sounds and rivers of north carolina.
  • Virginia ledislator farancis yearly

    hirse fur trader nathaniel batts to explore the albemarle sound.Region as an area of possible settlement. Yearly arees to purchase and at the Roanoke Indians but dies befor his settlement.
  • CHowanoc Indians

    Attack white settlement in carolina. The uprising is quelled with the loss of men
  • the cherokee cebe land in exchange

    the cherokee cebe land in exchange
    the cherokee cebe land in exchange for land on arkansas river also 2,000 cherokee move west.
  • settlers begain moving west

    The stared moving west and south of the Albemarle area.
    Baron Christoph a leader of swiss. Establishes a colony in both county . The town called new bern straed at junction at the trent also the Neuse Rivers displacing a Indians
  • remaining north carolina

    They are placed on a resenation along the pamlico river. the land was been granted to them in 1727 also a resenation was a established
  • Settement are moving further into the westen part

    the are continueing further and further into westen part of the colony
  • the first writen letter of the descended of the lumbee

    the covernor Arthur Dobbs receives a letter from a Bladen county agent of 50 Indians famlies living beside the drowning creek.
  • King George lll

    king groreg lll issues a proclamation that demarcates the western edge of the settlement. Thought western north carolina is meant to separte the native Americans and the colonists.
  • the french and Indians

    the french and Indians
    the franch also the Indians was is thought beween the England also the france all along the frontier of north America
  • Despite the Indians

    despite the Indians at treaty of 1777 they are fixing the boundany at the foot of the blue ridge the assembly declarer land open for the settlement as fast as the pigeon river.
  • treaty of tellico

    treaty of tellico
    the treaty of the tellico the cherokee cebe a area a with it's point near indian Gap,east of present -day Brevardvsoutheast of Asheville.
  • a low cod

    a low cod
    cherokee establish is a law cod and the light horse guards to maintain law also the order.
  • the cherokee sign the treat

    the cherokee sign the treat
    By which they cebe a 100-mile track of land in exchange for goods and an annuity of $1,000