The Adventures of Odysseus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Troy!

    Odysseus fights the war in Troy!
  • Period: to

    10 Years!

    The time it took Odysseus to finally win the 10 year Trojan War. (explained in Homer's other polular epic IIiad)
  • Departure from Troy!

    Departure from Troy!
    Because of Odysseus's brilliant strategy Troy has fallen, the Greeks have lost. Thus begins the amazing epic Odyssey!
  • Cicones!

    After departure from Troy the men are in need of more supplies. They stop at The city of the Cicones, Ismara and raided the place. The Ciconians were angered by this and attacked the men. They ended up victorious and surviving the attack, 72 of Odysseus's people died. A strorm aroused after they left the island it lasted for 2 days.
  • Lotus Eaters!

    Lotus Eaters!
    Odysseus sends some of his men to search for food on the island that they just came to, Djerba. The men meet the Lotus Eaters, oddly to the men they did not want to hurt them. All they did was offer the men lotus to eat. When they eat the lotus they would want to eat more and forgot their home. Odysseus had to grab the men away from the Lotus Eaters and forced them on the ship. The men weeped has they rowed their oars to leave the island.
  • Cyclops!

    Odysseus beached on the shores of Sicily,Odysseus and his men find a Cyclops' cave. They were lured by the cheese and wine. The cyclops, Polyphemus, trapped them inside his cave. Odysseus comes up with a plan to trick the cyclops by saying that his name is Nobody. Odysseus and his men blinds the Polyphemus with a stake. Then they sneak out under his herd of sheep when he moved the boulder.
  • Aeolus!

    Odysseus and his men stop at the Aeolian islands. The meet with Aeolus, the god of the winds, he decides to help odysseus get home so he gives Odysseus all of the bad winds, so he can safely sail home. While traveling Odysseus' men go against his orders and open the bag, and all of the winds escape. Bringing them all the way back to the island. Aeolus doesn't help them agian. (f.y.i only Megaman fans would understand the awsome pic!)
  • Ithica! (King Alcinous)

    Ithica! (King Alcinous)
  • Laestygones!

    Odysseus and his men reach the island of Telepylos. As they are sailing through, the Laestrygonians, a race of cannibals, attack Odyssues's fleet of ships with rocks and boulders. Only the men on Odysseus' ship and himself survive this tragedy.
  • Hermes Warning!

    Hermes Warning!
    After Eurylochus saw what happend to his men he rushed back to Odysseus. He explained to him what happend, Odysseus heads toward Circe's stonehouse. Before he could make it there,Hermes comes down from the blue skies above and warns Odysseus of Circe. He gives him a magical herb called moly. It protects Odysseus from Circe's magic.
  • Circe!

    Odysseus and his men come to and island to find food. He tells some of his men to search the island. One of his men comes back to tell Odysseus that his men have been turned into pigs by a witch. Odyseeus goes to meet Circe, eventually he if forced to stay with her for 1 year.
  • Tiresias!

    Circes makes Odysseus go into the Underworld before she would let him leave. When he is the Underworld he meets his old comrade, mother, and other shadows of the Underworld. He eventually meets Tiresias, who gives him a prophet warning him about the future problems to come.
  • Period: to

    1 Year!

    The amount of time that Odysseus was force to stay with Circe.
  • Circe Again!

    Circe Again!
    After Odysseus met the blind prophet, Tiresias, he went back to see Circe. She warns Odysseus of the dangers that lay ahead of him. She tells Odysseus about the Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis, and also tells him about Helios's cattle.
  • Sirens!

    Odysseus and his men meet the Sirens after they set off from Circe's island. He had to cover the ears of his men with beeswax so they don't hear the Sirens songs. Odysseus wanted to hear the voices of the Sirens so he made his men tie him to the ship, they barely escape.
  • Scylla!

    The six-headed monster that took six of Odysseus's men when he tried to go around her island.
  • Charybdis!

    The whirlpool that Odysseus had to stay away from or get his whole ship suck into the bottom of the sea.
  • Helios!

    Odysseus tried to convice his men to stay away from Thrincia, but they insisted on going. The men disobeyed Odysseus's order not to eat Helios's cattle, they snuck out at night when Odysseus was sleeping. Helios was angered by the loss of his prized cattles.
  • Zeus's Lightning Bolt!

    Zeus's Lightning Bolt!
    After Odysseus's men attacked the cattle, Helios threaten to never rise again, this angered the gods. So Zeus threw his lighting bolt at the ship and obliterated it. Odysseus was the only survivor.
  • Calypso!

    After Odysseus's ship was struck by the lighting bolt he drifted to the island, Ogygia. There he meets the beautiful Calypso, who makes him stay with her for about 7 years.
  • Period: to

    7 Years!

    The amount of time Odysseus stays with Calypso.
  • Hermes to the Rescue!

    Hermes to the Rescue!
    Ordered by Zeus, Hermes was sent to Calypso's island to tell Calypso to release Odyseus.
  • Poseidon's Attempt to kill Odysseus!

    Poseidon's Attempt to kill Odysseus!
    After Odysseus left Calypso's Island on the raft, Poseidon tries to kills him agian my making him go through 3 days of sea storms.
  • King Alcinous Again!

    King Alcinous Again!
    Odysseus is done telling his story of adventure to King Alcinous. King Alcinous brings Odysseus home to Ithaca on his ship.
  • Home Sweet Home!

    Home Sweet Home!
    After 20 years when he left his home to go to Troy. He his finally home on his beautiful island, Ithaca.