Territorial Expansion

  • Treaty of Paris

    Land was aquired: By Treaty
    Previous Owner: British
    Circumstances: To define Borders
    Significance: These borders define what country owns what land
    Importance: Dispute for land near water to have better Trade & Travel!
  • Period: to

    Territorial Expansion

  • Louisiana Purchase

    Land was aquired: Purchase
    Previous Owner: France/ Robert Livingston
    Circumstances: Negotiation with Jefferson
    Significance: Louisiana was cheap and lots of land
    Importance: The land purchased near mississipi river, which is a major river that was great in traveling around the states for trade, travel, etc.
  • West Florida

    Land was aquired: Sent & claimed
    Previous Owner: Spain
    Circumstances: Florida was growing rapidly
    Significance: Created borders for mississisip Territory
    Importance: Florida was a big state and rapidly growing which is an advantage in economics
  • Red River

    Land was aquired: By Treaty
    Previous Owner: United Kingdom
    Circumstances: Used for protection from canada
    Significance: Gained expansion in the north near canada
    Importance: It was a way to protect the U.S in invasion from Canada.
  • East Florida

    Land was aquired: Adams Onis Treaty
    Previous Owner: Spain
    Circumstances: Spain Surrender rights of the land
    Significance: America Gained the full state of florida compared just to owning half
    Importance: Florida was getting big and owning the full state most likely improved political and economic reasons
  • Along Canadian Border

    Land was aquired: Treaty
    Previous Owner: British Colony
    Circumstances: Owned the rest of the border of canada and US
    Significance: Created A defined border between both countries CA &US
    Importance: Provided a barrier, and defined boundries. No need for fighting over misunderstandments of land
  • Texas

    Land was aquired: Annexation
    Previous Owner: Mexico
    Circumstances: Claiming land is equivelent in starting war with Mexico.
    Significance: Mexico lost and gave up Texas and New Mexico because of lost in war and treaty signed by Guadalupe Hildago
    Importance: Showed US had more power then mexico in overpowering for land.
  • Oregon

    Land was aquired: Annexation of the previous Anglo- American Convention of 1818
    Previous Owner: United Kingdom
    Circumstances: Previous expansion dealing with UK (Anglo American Convection)
    Significance: Created availability in the San Juan Islands, which was later taken.
    Importance: Good stategy in expanding to more land such as San Juan islands!
  • Mexican Cessions

    Land was aquired: Captured
    Previous Owner: Mexico
    Circumstances: Mexican - American War
    Significance: Created official borders with mexico and US
    Importance: Territory was in south where it can protect from invasions from southern countries
  • Gadsden Purchase

    Land was aquired: Purchase
    Previous Owner: Mexico
    Circumstances: Owned lots of land near border.
    Significance: It created defined borders between both countries
    Importance: This strip of the border was used to create a railroad in the south
  • Alaska

    Land was aquired: Purchase
    Previous Owner: Russian Empire
    Circumstances: To use as refueling island to trade with asia
    Significance: It created territory that wasn't exactly connected to the US
    Importance: It made trade easier to Asia.