Territorial and Economic Expansion 1830-1860

  • Based claim on Colimbia River

    The U.S based its claim on the discovery of the Columbia River. discovered by Robert Gray
  • Based Claim on Pacific Coast

    The U.S based claim on the Pacific Coast because of the Lewis and Clark EXpedition
  • Mexico Wants Settlers

    Mexico wants to attract more settlers, even Anglo settlers to farm its scarce populated land. The northern frontier province of Texas
  • Problems In Texas

    Soon the AMericans and the Mexicans start to have problems. The Mexicans outlawed slavery and required all immigrants to convert to Roman Catholicism. When the new settlers refused this new law, Mexico closed its borders to Texas. The want for land from the Americans made them ignore the Mexicans warnings and cross the border anyways.
  • Mexicans Outnumbered

    Americans outnumbered the Mexicans in Texas by three to one.
  • A Dictator of Mexico

    General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna declared himself dictator of Mexico and abolished the Texas nation's federal Goverment
  • A revolt for Independence

    Many American Settlers didnt like this idea of a dictator. Led by Sam Houston and declared Texas to be an independent republic
  • U.S Destiny to control Oregon and Texas

    Americans believed their country's apparent destiny was to take undisoputyed possession of all of Oregon and to annex the Republic of Texas
  • Treaty of annexation rejected

    John tyler in 1841-1845 was a Whig who was worried about the arise of British influence in Texas. He wanted to annex Texas, and he worked for it. The U.S Senate rejected his treaty of annexation in 1844
  • A new Device is Born

    Samuel F.B Morse, successfully demostrated an electric telegraph. Which brings a new era to the United States
  • The Election of 1844

    Former president Martin Van Buren opposed immediate annexation in Texas due to the fact that slavery was allowed in Texas. But challenging him for John C. Calhoun a democrate. He also supported Proslavery and proannexation
  • Mexican population in California

    California soon gained a small population of Spanish-Mexicans wich was about 7,000
  • War With Mexico

    The decision to annex Texas became a big problem with mexico. So soon taking office President Polk dispatched John Sidell as his special envoy to the Government in mexico city. hoping he could persuade Mexico to sell california and New Mexico and settle a dispute concerning the Mexico-Texas border
  • An Independent Republic

    John C. Fremont overthrew Mexican Rule in northern California and proclaimed California to be an independent republic
  • David Wilmot

    David Wilmot proposed that an appropriations bill be amended to forbid slavery in any of the new territories acquired from Mexico
  • Causes of war

    A Mexican army crossed the Rio Grande and Captured an American army patrol, killing 11
  • Discovery of Gold

    In California gold was discovered. This set off many quest to move to California to find gold in the mineral-rich mountains.
  • Great Britain and the United States

    The Clayton-Bulwer Treaty was agreed to by Great Britain and the United States
  • A Grant For Land

    federal land was granted to build Illinios Central Railroad from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico. It was 2.6 million acres of federal land, the first of such federal land grant
  • Walker Expedition

    Walker tried to take Baja California from mexico but didnt succeed
  • Japan and a Treaty

    Matthew C. Perry convinced Japan's government to agree to open two Japanese ports to U.S trading vessels.
  • Walker's Success

    Walker takes over Nicaragua
  • A Boom Of panic

    A financial panic ended the midcentruy economic boom at the end of 1857
  • California's population soars

    Due to the finding of gold, more and more people moved to California. In 1848 california's populatio was a mere 14,000 but because of the gold rush by 1860 the population sky rocketed to 380,000
  • Purchase of Alaska

    Secetary of State at the time, William Seward succeeded i purchasing Alaska
  • Hay-Pauncefote Treaty

    The Hay-Pauncefote Treaty signed by Great Britain and the United States gave the United States a free hand to build a canal without British participation