Timeline created by Kristi Killings
  • Electromagnetic Telegraph

    Electromagnetic Telegraph
    Made by Carl F. Gauss and Ernst H. Weber. This was the first step to making electrical signals travel from one device to another. Exact date not known.
  • Telegraph Line

    Telegraph Line
    Samuel F.B. Morse demonstrates a telegraph line that runs through Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. Exact date not known.
  • The "Telephone"

    The "Telephone"
    Philipp Reis invents the "Telephone" which is the first instrument to transmit the spoken word. Exact date not known.
  • Bell Telephone Company

    Bell Telephone Company
    Formed by Gardiner Hubbard, the Bell Company made telephones and by the end of 1877, there were 3,000 telephones in use. Theodore Vail, the superintendent, expanded the business from the New England area to the west.
  • Beginning of Cell Phone Technology

    Beginning of Cell Phone Technology
    Oliver Lodge demonstrates wireless communication over a distance of 150 yards. Exact date not known.
  • First Coin Telephone

    First Coin Telephone
    The first coin telelphone was installed in Hartford, Connecticut. Exact date not known.
  • Transcontinental Phone Line

    Transcontinental Phone Line
    Bell System completes a U.S. transcontinental phone line. Exact date not known.
  • First Commerical Telephone Service

    First Commerical Telephone Service
    First commercial telephone service made to link moving vehicles to telephone network by radio. Exact date not known.
  • Videophones

    Videophones became more affordable and people could now see who you're talking to. Exact date not known.
  • Touch Tone Phone

    Touch Tone Phone
    This telephone made a different beep for each number instead of counted clicks. Exact date not known.
  • Cellular Telephone

    Cellular Telephone
    Motorola introduces the cellular tellephone which people could call with without wires. Exact date not known.
  • Pocket Cellular Phones

    Pocket Cellular Phones
    Cellular Phones to fit in your pocket introduced by Motorola. Exact date not known.
  • Today's Cell Phones

    Today's Cell Phones
    New innovations of cell phones are still produced. Androids, iPhones, all kinds. They are still being improved with new features today.