Tedy Bruschi -Never Give UP

  • Tedy Bruschi and the Patriots win Super Bowl xxxix

  • Tedy attends physical therapy with Anne Mccarthy

  • Tedy tells his family that he can't play football anymore

  • Tedy Bruschi undergoes surgery

  • Tedy cleans out his locker and tells the head coach and owner he wants to retire

  • Tedy Bruschi suffers a stroke

  • Tedy Bruschi throws out first pitch at a Boston Red Socks games

  • Patriots meet at the white house to meet the president

  • Tedy meets multiple doctors between June and August to see if he will beable to play the upcoming season

    Dr. Greer-Massachusetts General Hospital
    Dr.Fink-New York Presbyterian Hospital
    Dr. Day-Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston
  • Tedy goes for an echocardiogram to see if everything is back to normal

  • Tedy attends his first practice back

  • Tedy's first game back against the Buffalo Bills

  • Tedy bruschi loses to the Steelers in the AFC divisional playoff game