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TechYES Cancryn 2011-2012

  • 4 TechYES Certified Students for 2010/11 School Year

  • Report to Cancryn School

    Meet with Ms. Pilgrim, Mr. Wheatley, Ms. Aguila.
    Told that I will be at this school for "a while"
    -Ms. Aguila gives me a rundown of the EdTech program and issues at the school.
    --Internet down a good deal of the time
    --laptops in the library do not work.
    --computer in the library cannot connect to the Internet
  • Period: to

    Explore and Learn About School Culture & EdTech Situation

    -learning the campus, teachers, students, schedules
    -Experiencing and working through how day-to-day operations really take place.
    -Classroom instruction
    -student learning
    ---in and out of school
  • Period: to

    TechYES/Science Computer Lab Closed

    Lab unavialble because of no AC. I am not able to get a key.
  • Period: to

    CH 2&3 Internet Safety and Ethics/Becoming a Web Critic

    Teachers and student cover these in class.
  • Period: to

    TechYES Intro and Planning with Teachers

    -Intro to TechYES
    --Ms. Aguila
    --Ms. Pratt
    --Ms. Penn
    ----Ms. Vanterpool participated last year
    Discuss how TechYES can work at Cancryn and come to a consensus on how it should be carried out
  • Introduction of TechYES to Students

  • Period: to

    TechYES with Ms. Vanterpool and Ms. Penn

  • Period: to

    TechYES Student Enrollment

    Students sign up for TechYES accounts
  • 1st TechYES Student Certification for 2011/12

    Student from last year
  • Period: to

    TechYES CH 1&2 TechYES What's That/Internet Safety and Ethics

    Students and teachers cover this material in class.
  • TechYES Presented at Cancryn Open House

    TechYES Presented at Cancryn Open House
  • Period: to

    Chapter 2&3 Internet Safety and Ethics/Becoming a Web Critic

  • Period: to

    Cancryn Teacher PD

    Intro to EdTech Workshop Most teachers from the school attend.
    Google Docs
  • Period: to

    Online Documents

    -Student set up online docs using Google Docs
  • Period: to

    Surveys Vanterpool

  • Meeting with Mentors

  • ??Ms. Pratt Leaves??

  • TechYES Project Start

  • Period: to

    Lunch with Mentors

    Meet with TechYES student mentors and students who are interested in becoming mentors.
    --Work with Web 2.0 apps Not so successfull
    -Internet and computer do not work
  • Period: to

    TechYES/Science Compuer Lab Open 6 out of 22 computers working

    AC working, many computers not working. Cannot access the Internet as no one has the ADMIN password
    24 Dell Computer (all over 6 years old)
    6 Not working
    13 mice are missing ( the computer mouses we do have are the types with the balls). No Printer
    No projection devices
  • Period: to

    Christmas Holiday

  • Period: to

    TechYES Mentor Program After School

    Lunch with Mentors was not a success. Students suggested meeting after school. This turns into the Cancryn Project.
  • 2nd TechYES Student Certified

  • Period: to

    Cancryn Project

  • BCB Mr. Farrow Email

    Receive email about me coming to BCB School
  • Period: to

    School Assignment Issue Cancryn/BCB

  • Plato PD

  • 2nd Marking Period Begins

  • Sen. Millin-Youn Interview

    Sen. Millin-Youn Interview
  • PLC Meeting

  • Mr. Doug Carson Inventor of the CD/DVD?Xbox Visits TechYES Student

  • Man Up UVI

  • Period: to

    Meeting with Ms. Diaz/Penn to continue TechYES with Ms. Penn's class

  • Period: to

    Computers in Rm 708????

  • TechYES Mentor Doug Carson Visit

    Doug Carson inventor of the CD, DVD, and developer of the Xbox with Microsoft visit with students after school.
  • Period: to

    TechYES with Ms. DIaz's Social Studies Class

  • Period: to

    Social Studies Computers in RM 708

    Donated computers set up, sfw installed, STLs assist. Computers up and running on Internet until ETAN upgrade. Access no longer possible after upgrade.
  • 2 TechYES Students Certified Ready

    2 TechYES Students Certified Ready
  • Black History Month Celebration

  • TechYES/Science Computer Lab Mouses Purchased and Installed

  • Period: to

    TechYES Continuation with Ms. Vanterpool in RM607

  • Period: to

    TechYES with Mr. G's Computer Class

  • 3 Students TechYES Certified

  • Period: to

    TechYES/Science Lab Ms. Diaz Students

    5 computers now connect to the Internet sort of. Bring in Ms. Diaz classes to make a go of using these as we cannot use the donated computers in her room.
  • Meet with Ms. Spencer on EdTech Programs

    Global Sohool House Project
  • Met with Ms. Thompson

    Khan UniverstiyDiscussed Khan University and "Flipping the Classroom"
  • Period: to

    VITAL Testing

    VITAL testing all AM. VITAL prep in many afternoons. Cancryn Project students use most of this time for prep.
  • 7 TechYES Students Certified Ready

    7 TechYES Students Certified Ready
  • Period: to

    Easter Holiday

  • Meet with Ms. Corbett on Her Students Jioning TechYES

    Discuss the how this will work.
    --Start with 2 drafting classes with Prezi projects
    --May move on to the AVID Class.
  • Period: to

    Carnival Holiday

  • Period: to

    Ms. Corbett TechYES

    Two Drafting Classes
    AVID Class
  • Period: to

    Cnacryn VI History Museum

  • TechYES/Science Computer Lab 1 computer upgraded

    One computer was given a new ADMIN password. Still does not connect to the Internet
  • Decide Sceince / TechYES Lab is not Functional

  • Period: to

    TechYES with Ms. Corbett's Drafting Classes

  • TechYES Numbers

    21 TechYES Certified Students
    5 Mentors
    71 Approved Projects
  • Cancryn Power Web Site Launched at Academic Night

  • 28 TechYES Certified Students for 2011/12. 81 Approved Projects