Technology Use Progression

By Krakula
  • Bluetooth

    In 1999 SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group) releases Bluetooth specification 1.0. Bluetooth did not become widely affordable to the public until the 2000s. Bluetooth was created by Jaap Haartsen as a way for electronic devices to connect using radio frequencies instead of cables.
  • USB flash drive

    USB flash drive
    The USB Flash Drive Is a small memory storage device that does not require power and can store a lot of data. This gave people a way to store, carry and transfer data more portably than ever before. Invented over several years, IBM released the flash drive in 2000 after buying it from Dov Moran’s company. Fujio Masuoka is credited with inventing flash memory, Ajay Bhatt is credited with developing USB interface, and finally, Dov Moran is credited with creating and making the first flash drive.
  • iPod

    Apple employees Jon Rubinstein, Jonathan Ive, Tony Fadell, and Michael Dhuey developed the iPod. It was a much smaller and more convenient portable music player that allowed people to carry more music with them everywhere.
  • Blu- Ray

    Blu- Ray
    Blu-Ray was released by the Blue Ray Disc Association, however, Dr. Shuji Nakamura created the blue LED light technology that made Blu-Ray discs possible. Blu-Ray discs greatly improved video storing technology by being able to store more and higher-quality videos than DVDs.
  • YouTube

    YouTube was invented by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim with the goal of finding a way to share videos with each other. YouTube allowed people to share and find videos over the internet in a way they had never been able to before.