Technology Timeline in Healthcare

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  • Vaccum Tube Computers

    Vaccum Tube Computers
    The first computers used vacuum tubes instead of microchips, requring large, cooled rooms for operating.
  • Punch Card System

    Punch Card System
    In the 1960's this system was one of the first uses of computers in healthcare. A stiff paper contained either commands for automated machines or data for data applications.
  • Mainframe Computers

    Mainframe Computers
    While still requiring large, super cooled rooms, mainframe computers offered simple financial software. Used throughout hospitals, the benefits of the speed, support, and proccessing was beginning to become evident.
  • Departmental Computers

    Departmental Computers
    With evolving technology and increased memory capacity, computers appeard through out departments in hospital settings. In the HIM department, computers were used to help with the master patient index.
  • Computer use increases with Technology

    Computer use increases with Technology
    The 1980's & 1990's saw computers become smaller, cheaper, faster, and hold more memory. In the HIM industry, employee production increased as each department employee had a computer at their workstation.
  • Be Portable

    Be Portable
    During the mid 2000's laptops, tablets, and smart phones make computer systems in healthcare settings portable. Healthcare providers can enter patient infromation during patient interaction, which is then immediatly available to all departments within the facility. This also decreases errors in patient documentation.
  • The Cloud

    The Cloud
    As technology continues to evolve, today's healthcare system uses cloud computing to store data and run applications from multiple devices.