technology timeline

  • iPod 2010

    iPod 2010
    When I first got my phone/ music it was really for music but once I got the hang of it I found a way to use it for calls and text and that's when I really learned to mess with technology and got stuck on it. I really liked it alot it was blue.
  • technology generation "z"

    technology generation "z"
    chrome computer was given to us in my 7th-grade history class we were able to use it for class, but we didn't get to take it outside the classroom.
  • iPad

    I got an ipad for christmas and was excited to play games on it and watch movies and I enjoyed downloading more and more games and being able to watch netflix anywhere cause I would download music so I wouldn't need wifi.
  • social media

    social media
    My first social media account was snapchat. It was a way to add all your friends and keep connections and to use the fun filters and save memories or tag my friends on snapchat as well.
  • AirPods

    Whenever I would go into the car or be anywhere where i didn't like the music playing it would drive me crazy so I was hyped that I had airpods to tune it out and listen to what I wanted plus it was bluetooth so not one would know im even listening to music.
  • iPhone 13 pro max

    iPhone 13 pro max
    This Iphone works like a pro camera and the text and cards and apple pay and facetime and how clear the screen looks as well. 5g storage and it's about 6.1”inches as in length and it's an all amazing well rounded phone , and has updates as well to keep it up and working