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Technology Project #3 Timeline 1600-1700 MRiess

By mrr#11
  • Settlement at Jamestown

    Settlement at Jamestown
    First English settlement. settlers sailed up the James River and found its location. There were nearby native tribes. One was the Powhatan people. Powhatan's daughter was Pocahontas.
  • Quebec Founded

    Quebec Founded
    The founding was lead by Samuel de Champlain. It was a major French settlement.
  • Santa Fe Founded

    Santa Fe Founded
    Santa Fe was the first permanent European settlement in southwestern North America. It was founded by a small group of Spaniards. The exact founding date is not known.
  • New Netherland Founded

    New Netherland Founded
    New Netherland was founded by the Dutch. They hired Henry Hudson to help them find the Northwest Passage (water way through North America). Instead, he helped them find the Hudson River and the settled in modern day Ney York. This was called New Netherlands.
  • Pequot War

    Pequot War
    War between the Pequot people and English settlers. These settlers were Purtitans. The war began when some settlers entered Pequot territory and killed hundreds of natives. The settlers called themselves the "Sword of the Lord."
  • King Philip's War

    King Philip's War
    This war is called King Philips War because that is what the settlers call the Wampanoag leader, Metacom. It began when John Sassamon accused Metacom of scheming against the English. Three of Metacoms warriors killed Sassamon. They were executed, but later Wampanoags killed nine colonists. Thousands of people died in this war.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion
    The rebellion was led by Nathaniel Bacon. It started because Bacon and his followers did not like how the government was dealing with the Native Americans. They especially did not like the Governor, William Berkeley.
  • Pueblo Revolt

    Pueblo Revolt
    This revolt was led by Puebloan religious leader Popé. He was tired of the Spanish restricting Native American religious beliefs and practices. He got hundred of warriors to help him attack Santa Fe and kill four hundred people. Popé and his followers destroyed all churches they came across and were in control of the area for twelve years.