Technology Progression

By andMesa
  • Remote Computing

    The Bell Telephone laboratories finish a remote calculating computer. They were able to send data from one point to another using a special telephone line.
  • Period: to


    A timeline from 1940-1950 in computing advancements.
  • The Z3

    The Z3 created by German scientist Konrad Zuse, this computer was the first programable computer, meaning it was able to execute programs by itself. It was created to calculate aerodynamic aircraft designs.
  • Colossus decoder is created

    Tommy flowers finishes the colossus, a computer made to decipher codes that take a normal human weeks to solve.
  • Invention of electronic general use Computer

    John Mauchly and J Presper Eckert created the first electronic computer, it was built in order to calculate artillery range tables. This machine introduced the speed of electronic computing which would lead way to faster computers
  • First Mobile Phone

    Engineers Alton Dickieson and D. Mitchell at companies AT&T and Southwestern Bell created the first mobile phone. Although limited to only 3 users this first phone would be a benchmark for modern day computing and technology.