technology milestones

  • invention of frist working artifical heart

  • Period: to


  • frist video game

    this was invented by Ralph H Baer
  • email

    this was invented by ray tomlinson
  • frist wind farm

    this was our frist step tward cleaner energy
  • camcorder

    this was invented by sony witch revolutionized the memory of familys every were so instead of a picture and telling about it you can just show them what happened
  • computer speech

    this led to a 30% more research in staff.
  • senthetic blood

    this was used on humans untill 1998
  • world wide web

    this was invented by tim berners-lee witch is one of the top five largest technology milestones ever
  • hubble telescope

    this is the worlds largest telescope witch lets scientisits to look much further into space
  • satellite radio

    i couldnt find who invented this but it had a large effect on what and when the kinds of music poepl could lisen to at a select time
  • atlantice

    this was a 3 day trip in outer space and landed safely in hustand texas