Technology in the Classroom

By Crook
  • Cassette players

    Cassette players
    Students could listen to stories on cassette tapes.
  • Typewriter

    Students had typing classes using typewriters.
  • Overhead Projectors

    Overhead Projectors
    Teachers wrote on transparencies to project work.
  • Desktop Computer

    Desktop Computer
    Students used a computer lab.
  • Ipod

    Students could listen to music or stories on an Ipod.
  • CD Walkman

    CD Walkman
    Students could listen to stories on CD.
  • Clickers

    Students held a clicker for digital student reponses.
  • Ipads

    Students can use Ipad apps for learning.
  • Chromebooks

    Students have their own Chromebook to work on.
  • Promethean Board

    Promethean Board
    Students can touch or write on a digital whiteboard.
  • Touchscreen computers

    Touchscreen computers
    Students use touchscreen computers.