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  • Mr. Flores

    Mr. Flores
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    Mr. Flores & Ipods

  • Mr. Flores

    Mr. Flores
    FIve years old
  • Mr. Flores

    Mr. Flores
    Ten Years Old
  • Apple Ipod Unveiled

    Apple Ipod Unveiled
    The small size and unconventional use of new technology appeal to its users.
  • Second Generation Ipod Released

    Second Generation Ipod Released
    The same body style is used as the first generation. This time a touch sensitve wheel is introduced.
  • Third Generation Ipod Released

    Third Generation Ipod Released
    Thinner design and rounded corners make this newest member an instant hit.
  • Ipod Mini Released

    Ipod Mini Released
    A smaller version of the original Ipod is introduced in five appealing colors.
  • Fourth Generation Ipod Released

    Fourth Generation Ipod Released
    Introduction of photo viewing capabilities and an increase in data holding size impress.
  • First Generation Ipod Shuffle Released

    First Generation Ipod Shuffle Released
    A player aimed at those not looking to spend a hundred or more dollars. It allowed for a limited amount of media, but still allowed you to become a part of the growing Ipod frenzy.
  • Ipod Nano First Generation Released

    Ipod Nano First Generation Released
    It was the best friend of any gym enthusiast and person looking for a small sized media player
  • Fifth Generation Ipod Released

    Fifth Generation Ipod Released
    The Ipod more informally known as the "Video Ipod". Users can now listen to music, view photos, and watch movies all on one device.
  • Mr. Flores

    Mr. Flores
    FIfteen Years Old
  • Second Generation Ipod Shuffle

    Second Generation Ipod Shuffle
    Deemed the "smallest" media player on the planet. For its size it still held a relatively large amount of media.
  • Sixth Generation Ipod Released

    Sixth Generation Ipod Released
    Improved desgin and interior technology allow for old Ipod users to upgrade without hesitation.
  • Ipod Nano Third Generation

    Ipod Nano Third Generation
    New design, improved graphics, and ability to play games make this very appealing to young users.
  • Ipod Touch Released

    Ipod Touch Released
    A new generation of the Ipod family. This new released included a touch screen, ability to check email, use widgets & GPS, as well as watch videos and play games.
  • Ipod Nano Fourth Generation

    Ipod Nano Fourth Generation
    New 'genius' playlist capabilites, shaking technology to change songs, and response to verticle and horizontal movement.
  • Ipod Touch Second Generation

    Ipod Touch Second Generation
    Thinner desing, internal speakers, and ability to do "more" adds to a growing following of this new design.
  • Third Generation Ipod Shuffle

    Third Generation Ipod Shuffle
    No button design-yet ability to navigate music through headphones. As well, song titles can be read back to user in 14 different languages.
  • Ipod Touch Third Generation

    Ipod Touch Third Generation
    Faster internal hardware allows this model to rival other handheld gaming counsels.
  • Mr. Flores

    Mr. Flores
    Twenty Years Old