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Tech Time

By mpalisi
  • First Viedo game "Pong"

    First Viedo game "Pong"
    Invented by: Allan Alcorn
  • Mobil Phones

    Mobil Phones
    Invented by: Martin Cooper
  • Microsoft

    Invented by: Wiiam Itenry Bill Gates III , Paul Gardener
  • First Laptop

    Invented by: Adam Osborne
  • Google

    invented by: Larry Page , Sergey Brin
  • Walkman

    Invented by: Nubotoshi Kihara
  • Electronic CD Player

     Electronic CD Player
  • Windows Computer Program

    Windows Computer Program
    Invented by: Microsoft
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    Invented by: Tim Berners- Lee, Robert Cailliau
  • The Java Computer Language

    The Java Computer Language
    Invented by: James Gosling
  • Web TV

    Web TV
    Invented by: Zenith Electronics