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Taylor Swift

  • Her birth

    Her birth
    She be born the 13rd december on 1989. In Reading (Pensilvania).
  • Period: to

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift's life
  • Beginning of his career.

    Beginning of his career.
    At the age of 5 it began to singing in contests and in a contest they offered her a record contract.
  • The first successes

    The first successes
    She wrote and published his first album. In that her songs were based on romantic songs. Her producer was Nathan Chapman.
  • MINE

  • Reputation with Fearless

    The second album of study, Fearless, went out to the sale in the United States. They all were written by her. The album has been one of most sold in the United States.
  • Speak Now

    Speak Now
    She announced during a videochat on line spread by Ustream that Speak Now would be his third album of study.

  • Red

    It is the fourth album of study of the singer and American composer Taylor Swift. And she composed them in solitarily.
  • RED

  • We are never ever getting back together

    We are never ever getting back together
    Her first simple one, " We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together ", turned into the Swift's first song that came to the position number one in the ready Billboard Hot 100.